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Boys, slaves and dogs...

Just a slave?

This is the second oldest type of boy to come into existence. It is also the oddest, being merely a variation of the slave, yet having a life all its own. There are other types of animals used in this relationship, but the dog is the most common; the horse is second most common, but there are nowhere near as many horses as dogs (Dogboy/Dogslave).

There are of course dog girls, but this article assume we are talking about gay males – yet dogs will be dogs whatever their sex.

A dog is a boy who lives his life to a greater or lesser extent as a dog.
There are a number of levels here, from a boy who has canine expression, to full blown family pet. Likewise there may or may not be a SM content, hence the use of k9,dogslave and dogboy to help differentiate. An additional complication is Alpha Male, the topdog. In a pack you have a lead dog that is top to all the others, except to the human. Then (like my owner) he has a big doggy streak, but he is a sadist, and not one to submit, bit like romping with a Timber Wolf I guess.

The most extreme dog role perception I have come across is the one where the slaves tongue is damaged so he can only really bark to communicate, his legs and pelvic were broken to facilitate doggy posture and the need to walk on all fours.

When a guy comes onto you and his 'natural' expression is nuzzling, licking, whimpering - these are all give away signs. He might not have self-identified that he is canine yet. However if is responds to praise like 'good boy', scratching the back of his neck, that he is very oral/expressive with his mouth, is very sensual to touch, is very easy to control via a leather collar and leash, is attentive and when eating a meal from a dog dish on the floor he puts effort into it, then you know you are onto a winner.

There is set of must haves that a dog owns, a collar (quite a few but he has a special one), paws, his dog bowl, butt-plug and his dog bed. These are quintessential things – in play he would have practical things like knee pads muzzles etc, though he is mostly naked except for his beloved dog chain. But these are things with support the inner vision of him self.

There are a whole range of dogboys and one end very firmly in the SM community the other is more likely to be still a student and wears his collar when he is dancing the night away. Equally there are dogs that like to be in ‘costume’ (full rubber dog suit or just a collar) to be in role (to get into character). For some it is ‘acting’ like a dog, for others it is like they have a dogs soul - these are more subtle and dog play is less likely to be a ‘I can do that fad’.

Once a guy has self identified as canine, then there is the process to determine the scope of this doggy streak – this is partly how he expresses himself and how he reacts to his Masters touch. Is the dog going to recognise that at one extreme he is going to give up human speech and transpose into the role set out below, or is he just going to have the basics:

§        Dog dish feeding,

§        Canine expression,

§        Owners dog chain around his neck,

§        Sleeps on the floor,

§        Craves his cage,

§        Mostly naked except for his beloved dog chain.

If he has clothes, then this might include Chastity shorts, to stop your mutt playing with himself when he does not have permission, he may also have leather fist-mitts/paws to control the use of his hands to more dog like things.

Many dog trainer Masters instinctive refer to a potential dog boy as ‘pup’, and its typical that candidate dogboy will feel ‘warmed’ by this, where as if he was called “it”, “boy” or “slave” he would not get the same response.

They generally had a distinctive need to be by their Master (pack leader), typically sleeping at the foot of the bed, on the bed but as near the feet of his Master as possible or in his cage.

One Master I know has a bolt in the wall and a chain to his dogs collar with such a length that the pup can only just reach the bottom of the floor bed but not actually to get on it.  There being some frustration there as the dog craves his Master – but in reality neither would get much sleep unless they were separated.

It would seem that slaves that self identify as dog have the need to belong; they give selflessly of themselves to their Master. They find it insecure not to belong. They gain security in having their collar (their first possession followed by their second, their first butt plug).

It would seem that slaves that self identify as dog have the need to belong; they give selflessly of themselves to their Master. They find it insecure not to belong. They are reconnecting to the primal self which we took for granted when we were pagans but was lost by the actions of the Christian propagandists. There is a spiritual side to SM and if you were to characterise a dogboy it would be a Buddhist/pagan mix. Dogs have inner strength, character, more play like (‘A mans best friend is his dog’ or ‘A dogs best friend is his Master’?)
They can freely express unconditional love that Master can easily accept. A genetic dog loves you without strings, complications, baggage and so on. Slaves can love their Masters but you always had that distance way up there on the God like pedestal – a slave puts distance between you. Not so with your beloved mutt.

In a nutshell a Master can get a lot closer to his slave if the slave is a dog. The rule book is rewritten as your Master can be a dog as well – being a topdog he can do things that are not allowed for traditional Masters but are ‘par for the course’ in dog play.  Worst still your dog can get the notion he owns his Master as well and can be very protective of his Master (the Guard dog thing).

Dog boys are fun and make you feel good.


Body Modification

Many dog boys will be into body modification – it is almost synonymous with being K9.  Since they are either ‘outcasts’ or they want to ‘belong’. This results in then wanting/getting tattoos and piercings. However – for an dogboy needing to belong he holds of getting his piercings as much as he craves/needs then because that is what Master puts on his body.

No slave wants to just go into a shop and get a product, his dream is that ‘my Master put HIS mark on HIS property’ anything else is second best. 

Then come the tattoos. These range from just the barcode on the back of the neck through to a whole structure. What you don’t see is an unplanned collection of ‘a bit of this and a bit of that’ - the things army lads do when drunk thinking it is a good idea at the time.

This is planned, cohesive design like a ‘new skin’ – psychologically it is. Piercings can come out and heal up – where as ink, cuts, brands and holes are there for life. They are a rite of passage and a part of rebirth into your new identity.

Many slaves what their Masters name on them like ‘Property of Topdog’ this is a big snag as nothing lasts for ever; and writing a wish on your skin does not make it so.

It should be something that celebrates the transition/the moment and ideally Master Does it.

It is hard to describe the right sort of person here. You can have a Top/Dom/Sadist that will abuse any sub/slave/boy and he does not care about the wrapping. Many pups in the early years seek guys to abuse them because they feel they are no deserving of love – where as a  dog Master cares deeply about his pup, and loves seeing his in that state.

Then you have a Master who cares about the development of his subject (where as for a Trainer there is no attachment so “who cares about the development of the subject”).

The Master/Owner usually loves slaves (not in love), and gets a special warmth that you get when playing with a real dog. It is typical that an Owner (Master is taken as read) would have his dog at his side on the floor and as he chats to other Masters in the club would be stroking his pups head – like subconsciously.

Likewise when watching TV you would be stoking your pups tummy and tits playing stroking his tit piercings – the vibrations are arousing for the pup and yet meditative.

##See ‘Lam Rim for Dogs’

An Owner sees nothing negative in a guy being a dog – it’s just his nature. How can treating a guy they way he needs be humiliation but in fact a kindness. Treating a non-dogboy like a dog would be humiliation – much like the media pictures in the Iraq prison we have all seen.

This does not mean that the pup does not escape from getting a beating when required. A pup needs the foundation and structure that the Master provides. The dog craves a simple life – do what Master says. Some see this as an abdication of responsibility where a slave cannot look after himself, so what happens when your Master is hit by a bus!

Your dog now feeds from the bowl ok, stays on the floor ok, loves his collar, doggy playing with him Master, but there is more.
Soon it is the little this that you notice, your dogs poise on the floor, his natural state of being, the way when his Master is talking to another Leatherman in the club the dog starts to lick boots (yours or Masters), the way the Masters might say:

 "If he starts to sniff ya crotch just push him away".

We are moving on to what the dog does when left alone. Most Master observes what Trainer do with real dogs, the slave observers what the dog does. Real dogs have many common and also unique qualities.

Part of this is an agreement between the needs of the animal and how the Owner wishes to keep him.

There are a number of kinds of animals some are clean other are dirty fuckers – I have plenty of memories of cleaning fox shit off my genetic dog which he resented himself with when walking him in the woods.

The Pack Instinct.
Dogs are pack animals, and are not used to being left on their own. They often get anxious when left alone and develop the fear of being deserted.
Real canines can soil or damage the house or damage themselves - known as "Dog Separation Anxiety Syndrome".

A parallel in the dogslave world that I have noticed, is when the Master is not about (wandered off - or more like the slave did) there is this frantic looking around to see where Master is.
Once he is located all is well, until then there is a distraction. This is fondly referred to the "Where's Master...Where's Master" response.  The slave often gets security being on his leash.

This is not an exhaustive List but it gives you some of their nature and motivation – and so what is suitable behaviour towards them or what kind of Master they seek. Likewise just as in Transactional Analysis we swap between different states such as ‘adult child’ depending on the external trigger so to can a dog move between the states below. He will however have one that he is in most of the time.

There are different motivations:

§        I want to make Master Proud of me and be the best slave ever!

§        I am a K9 in a human body.


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