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There is a moment when you discover just exactly what you are. The road that took you there is often different for every one.. You could have just surfed to this site by accident, and read it and woke up. You  could have watched the  Channel4 documentary on it, saw an exhibition at a Fetish club.

Likewise there is a slower process, not sure what it is like for a man to discover he is a werewolf, but it sure feels the same.

It is a set of shared  feelings that marks us out as different.

This Page is a list of each dogslaves realisation of what they are, and what they did about it (other than repressing it).

In the words of one submissive
"My earliest fantasies were all about being someone's pup - dog collar, leash, dog bowl, petting, crouching at my Master's feet - the whole bit. As I've grown up, I've managed on a few occasions to find someone who was interested in being my master, but they were usually not really into it, it was more from curiosity."

  • Reality Check
    Anecdotal accounts form k9 from their earliest memories and their journey to becoming Owned property.
  • Dog Think
    Aspects of what actually makes up a dogslave, and also how he can improve himself
  • Born Slaves 
    Slave Master Mike McDade covers many valuable insights into the slaves psyche
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