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01 Aug 2004 15:23:50 +0100

The following is a list of the major (or planed) changes to this web over the last month, with the most recent changes shown first:

what new
Change History
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» Web Site automation
» Intermediate slave
» Advanced slave

» More on Toilet Training
» More on Total control  / Breath Control
» Gaybikers  pages (update)
» Pony pages (pony boy contributor)
» Adverts page for major Cities eg London, New York etc. - in progress
» Adverts page for major member Languages  eg German, French, Spanish, Dutch. - in progress



Apr-Oct ( 03 changes) ^ Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

  1. Adverts updated
  2. Dropdown menu navigation for the site - MSIE4+ users only (try button 2 on your mouse.
  3. Infrastructure upgrades

Mar ( 01 changes) ^ Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

  1. Breaking the Will  New
    Techniques of the Montevideo Secret Police applied in SM Training. 

Feb ( 16 changes) ^ Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

  1. Dutch Joining Notes New
  2. Dutch Adverts New Adverts for Dutch speakers and those in and around Holland.
  3. Incremental translation of the DogHouse into Dutch by ButtPup 
  4. German Adverts (New and improved). Translation by dog_zero.
  5. Set up of yahoo a Group for discussion of the direction of the DogHouse between the leadership team and the volunteers.
  6. Initiation of special projects.
  7. Samples Scenes New something to help with Masters training their pups, is some samples scenes. Why not send in your favorite scenes?
  8. Web Rings (updated) Wraps together the web ring partnerships.
    This allows you you join the DogSlave web ring as well as others that are like us.  One of the down side of web rings is that of duplication. Same topic but different spelling. So I suggest that you search for one before you create a new one.
  9. Facing the Truth (updated) this was included but not linked into the navigation for a while.
  10. Whos Who in the DogHouse updates to reflect the new helpers and those on the team, those that actively make the DogHouse what it is.
    New activists:
    • Coyote
    • ButtPup (Property of Sir Deiter) 
    • Loki 
  11. xxx
  12. Loki a recent addition to the doghouse team and my #2 dog. 
    Will work on various aspects on the site and its content. His duties are detailed on the who's who page.
  13. The TopDog pages have been updated:
    Likes covers my likes and  Dis-Likes my links page has been decomposed into NewsLetter links, eZines links, Magazine links that link 
    My links page.
  14. The automation on the site has further been improved.
  15. The DogKingdom backup sites is now the prime backup as it has more capacity that the others, even if it is slower.
    Further planning is in progress on how to make best use of available resources for speed and maintainability.
    TheDoghouse.ORG site will be streamlined to have the most active content, with the complete content on the DogKingdom site.
    It is fairly clear that the doghouse is out growing its current space, with demand always exceeding supply.
  16. Updates Joining pages to allow for "Professional/SexWorks" to better identify themselves.
    Also added to the social
    » Mountain Bear -- Found wild in the forest. Has never seen clippers, possibly just come out of hibernation.
    » Urban Bear -- Found in the City, his hair/fur is clipped and well groomed. (Topdog1's type :)
    Pics to follow


Jan ( 15 changes) ^ Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  1. Be a Dog House Volunteer (New) Phase one of this section completed, as new team members join up.
  2. Gay Cities  (New) The Doghouse has its members sorted by Time zone but there are now cities that have enough members local to you.
  3. LONDON City Adverts  (New) is the first of these. This is a list of all the members in the Greater London area, more or less where ever the tube/metro gets to. Grouped by area codes so you can find someone on your side of town.
  4. scan a pic  (New) Not everyone has a scanner, so we can scan the picture in for you!
  5. All emails addressed in the London area have been verified as of Jan 2001.
  6. Joining the Doghouse New Version 
    The Joining process has a number of Tips in Various languages if English is not your first.
  7. Limites- Réalité et Imaginaire (French Translation)
  8. Joining Notes (English Notes on how to join the Doghouse)
  9. A propos de l'adhésion - Joining Notes (French Notes on how to join the Doghouse)
  10. Verbindene Anmerkungen - Joining Notes (German Notes on how to join the Doghouse)
  11. Notas El Ensamblar (Spanish Joining Notes on how to join the Doghouse) == To Do ==
  12. Part 5 and Part 6 of Slave Adams life journey becoming meeting his Master to be, becoming a slave, the transformation into dogslave and living the lifestyle
  13. Must Haves More results on what members thinks every slave Must Have.
    What is your #1 possession? Updated Monthly
  14. Whos Who in the DogHouse The team just gets bigger.
  15. French Adverts (New)
    This is a list of all the adverts for the French located or speaking Members




Revised: December 30, 2002.

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