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Well loads of things have been changing but where to start?
Responding to popular demand many of the changes are included below. There is far more but that is for another time :)

jul ( 11 changes) ^ Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  1. The server has been upgraded so that there is no possibility of a bandwidth restriction - a terabyte per month seems safe.
  2. Cities - ever increasing number of cities have been added to the list.
  3. States - this is a list of all the American and Canadian States that are known to have members.
  4.   - this is a list of transgender pups.
  5. pig boys - this is a list of all the members that are more piggy that puppy. Since you can also have top pigs - this are listed as well.
  6. Date last published "Pig boys [27 Jun 04]"
  7. "Check dead advert" next to the advert you will see a little button that will allow you to report that you have found an 'abandoned' advert.
    This is different to a dead email which can be removed from the database.
  8. "en de fr es it pt ja ko zh" - this allows better connectivity for language translation.
  9. Site Search - This allows the site to be searched using Google search technology.
  10. "How do I:" - pull down navigation to main sections of the site.
  11. Sorting out a system for your to take control over your own adverts, means that you need to be able to log on, which means that I need to make sure you are not using a fake email/IDs, which mean I have to be able to verify all emails addresses, which means that I have to put in fraud checking also  the system needs to interact with you without intervention from me; cos you want it when you want it - and for it to work all the time.
    All of that is not an overnight thing. You have been to sites where too many users are online and it crashes, it looses your profile, other people login and impersonate you say things to your friends who stop being your friends after what 'you' said!
    Or there are the sites that add technology for technology sake, or just hunt the free scripts sites for the next bit of glitter and this is somehow a feature/benefit!

aug ( 6 changes) ^ Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

  1. Wrote programs that checks your email address as existing.  Adverts with a [i] next to it will tell you when that email address was lasted verified. However it is possible for an email to be masked (spam avoidance) so they maybe valid and they will only show up when an email hits them. There are open servers will definitely tell you if the user is no longer there.
    So those members and adverts have been removed. 
  2. Advert Clustering eg " united states " or " Paris (gmt+1)" helps to keep lists focused on just your area - Pages are still big such as hetroAds and will be unless you access the dynamic version of the site.
  3. Adverts by Language - This groups together a selection of adverts by Language.
  4. Young BDSM - This groups together both young Masters and young pup slaves.
  5. Dog Types - Updated.
    This has more depth of the various Dog Types with some examples and what makes one dog different from another, and how they relate to social tribes.
  6. Dog Tribes  - This groups together a selection of adverts by Social Tribe preference.



sep ( 15 changes) ^ Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Dog Tribes  - This groups together the selection of adverts by Social Tribe and sub tribe preference into the following, with the "nothing special" category ignored due to size.

  1. Pig boys
  2. Alternative
  3. Goths, Punks and Grunge
  4. Boy next door Student
  5. Army, USMC dogs and Trainers
  6. Skinheads - Traditional, Contemporary and Rubber covered
  7. Bastille and Hedonists
  8. Rubber Dogs and Masters
  9. Leather Dogs and Trainers
  10. Uniform, BLUF pups and Trainers
  11. Clones, Mountain Bear and Urban Bear
  12. Muscle dogs and Trainers
  13. Trade Babies - God is a DJ!
  14. Dispatch Riders, Sports Bikers and Bike Dogs
  15. Skater and BMX pups

oct ( 0 changes) ^
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

  • Infrastructure  - This is basically dealing with scalability of the site changing aspects of the Technical Architecture that the sites run on.
  • Automation Development - automated checking of many kinds of links will improve the quality of the information on the site.
  • Research - what technology out there can make a tangible difference to my members.
  • The Doghouse now offers Hosting on one of the most robust and sophisticated Windows 2003 server platforms. These are Enterprise grade servers offering SQL Server 2000, IIS6, .NET 1.1 as well as a full complement of Web Services.
  1. Added events calendar in side view  
  2. Which is part of the events section.
  3. Which is part of the Life Style section.
  4. Also started to separate FAQ about the site and about SM dog training.
    Which means there is a separate sub site for all the 'site help' pages as well as policy pages - this is work in progress.
    This will use icons such as   or


nov ( 4 changes) ^ Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec


  1. It has a Check Email options so it will link in your current profile when you filled in the Joining page.
  2. I am avoiding the cynical approach of saying you have to pay to prove you are an adult but we all know that that is not real proof.
    Many adults and students do not have a Visa Cards and some 'non-adults' have wealthy parents that give them a lot of financial freedom.
  3. Online integration for Instant Payment Notification - which means instant access and unlocking the pages.
  4. Page locking

dec ( 19 changes) ^ Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

  1. Free access
    To Adverts (via Joining) and to essential information but with now a premium service for those that value the doghouse and all it stands for.
    The Doghouse offers a even higher quality I have had to introduce charging  - you can still read the pages but only those that belong to the doghouse get the full benefits.
    The cost of membership is as modest as I could imagine - It needed to cover costs.
    I asked many members what was a reasonable 'modest cost' - what could be more reasonable  was to  relate it to how much I spent on Cappuccinos in Starbucks a month.
      So Why Pay?
  2. Online Payment for Membership Tokens so you can have one person buying the membership but offering the payment code to someone else. Most people have a Visa card - but with privacy (ie I never know your visa card details).
  3. Payment via post  - No instant access you have to wait for the postman to do his stuff - but flexible payment options.
  4. Discounting plan - There is a method in place to allow student (slave youth) to have a discount. It has been hard trying to figure out how I can check if you are a student - but most student have some proof of their Date of Birth (DOB) and that they are studying. They have a discount because not all of them have rich and understanding parents.
  5. Added Members home pages  directory
  6. Added sort views for members home pages.
  7. Added Profiles such as http://portal.thedoghouse.org/topdog1
    Soon to be just plain old http://thedoghouse.org/topdog1
  8. Added smarter page not found, versa profile is hidden.
  9. Added photo protection. I know there are ways around anything - you can always do a screen capture.
  10. Added various  Search Users for members profiles
  11. Added search my tribe from profile.
  12. This will require a logon so you can now create a logon to the doghouse view the basic registration page.
  13. Added Members home pages 
  14. Which means that you will be able to take full control of your account.
  15. Which means that you will be able to take full control of your advert and your profile.
  16. Pages are being replaced by applications - which means that with luck you get a more consistent service deliver each time.
  17. I Belong
    These people really belong to the doghouse - The paw print tells you that there believe in what the doghouse stands for.
    It can also separates that that are really into the pup scene and those that aren't.
  18. Must Haves this Christmas are specials for Owner and pup - high quality collars and and tags. 
  19. Changes to members own home pages - so you can see the members profile and their homepage else where.



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