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depicts, you think you want to be a slave?
Whether or not to become a slave is probably the most important decision you will ever make, and it will probably be one of the most difficult.
If you are truly meant to be slave, and don't pursue becoming one, you risk living unfulfilled, denying your destiny, and living with the "hole" in your life that keeps telling you that something is missing. There is this deep level of emptiness deep within you, a feeling of being incomplete. There are those who never know how to fill this void, and it may only be by chance that they see and can identify with what they can become. You maybe lucky, a Master might recognise what you may become a rescue  you from an unfulfilled existence.
At the doghouse, I have received letters from guys in their 40s or 50s only just realising what they are, and knowing all the catching up they have to do.
If you decide to become slave, then you must go through the arduous, challenging task of giving up your ego, abandoning being human, and accepting every experience necessary to become that which you are meant to be.
Either way, a difficult decision. There is no easy route, no alternative.

Many Masters consider there most valuable asset is their slaves (once they proved themselves), what else can give them so much pleasure... It is often the little things that he does which makes you feel so good. His slavery should be eternal, his warm body at my feet, his heart waiting to obey, he is a pure creature. Good slaves are priceless.

The slaves responsibilities. ^

  • You are responsible for looking after your Masters property, that includes you.
    All the slaves that I know, make an effort down at the gym, they want their Masters to be proud of them, and enjoy showing them in public.
  • Your Master will feed your slave soul, and in return expect your affection, loyalty and obedience. A Master would not have taken you on if he knew that you call everybody "Master", a slave has but one Owner.
    He will have objectives/rules for you, some of these are a statement of his will, others are based on expectation of a slave. 
  • If a Master requires that you be shaved, then so be it.
    This typically marks out a slave within an SM community - the slave might complain that it is a problem when he is down the gym or when he is running.
  • The slave might stop shaving, then when the Master inspects his slave, he shaves him again, and punishes him. When the Master beats and punishes you - he is saying that you matter and that he cares about your development (this is different to sexual CP).Feeding a slaves soul
  • The slave should learn to trust his Master unconditionally. This might be hard if you have had previous bad experiences. As what it means is that you cannot give your full attention to the Training, as you maybe worrying about other things.
    This might sound sick - but the easiest way to deal with it, is to:
    1. Inform your Master of everything that could be a possible risk - e.g. bad joints, circulation or breathing difficulties. Also external constraints, e.g. you have to be back for work at 10am in the morning, and that loosing your job is not an option.
    2. Acceptance of the worst that could possibly happen to you (ok I'm gonna die), anything else is a bonus.
      Masters do not fall into the category of "Dangerous Tops", as Master see a slave for the long term, as an investment, subs are there to get their 'rocks off'.
      Therefore he has vested interest in your well being, so he is not going to do anything crazy - Whip marks don't count.
      Tops generally see slaves/subs as play things, consumables - "if this one is broke I will get another". Here you have to exercise caution and personal judgement. Most people do not what the inconvenience of hassle with the police, yet this does not help things if the top you are playing with is stupid, and is foolish with your life.
  • The Master may require a compulsory dress code - he will dictate you appearance, turn you into a Leather lad or a Skinhead or whatever.
    You should comply with his wishes as best you can, and be grateful of his continued interest in you.
  • Always be open and honest with your Master - If you are having some problems with your training or any aspect of your slavery - TELL HIM
    Masters are amazing, they appear to read your mind, but this is not always the case.
  • It is possible that a Master may have more than one slave. Typically because one slave may have a block in an interest area that the Master is into (eating scat for example). So the Master would have other slaves that cover his breadth of interest. There is the risk of jealousy from the slave, the assumption of favouritism.  Masters are normally aware of this so should ensure that they maintain evenness between their slaves.
  • If is also possible that a Master cannot offer all that a slave requires - a Skinhead slave might need to play with Skinheads, even though he has a Leather Master as an Owner. It might be that the Master is not into fucking (some are not), and yet the slave may need this bad. One option here is to have one of the Alpha stud dogs to fuck the other slave, or to allow the slave freedom to get this elsewhere.
    Making impossible rules like "No other Master is allowed to top you",  but I will not give you what you need is both unfair, one-side but doomed to failure.
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