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Well it seems to me that we all need to feel safe and secure; the need to belong is a strong part of any dogs psyche. Dog slaves feel some of that security when they have their collar on, and under the control of their Master.

Make them believe that you love them
Use affection, stroking them, tickling their tums, lightly playing with their piercings - nips especially, stroking their butt letting your finger pass lightly over their anus. This is the first and most crucial step in ensnaring your slave - use it wisely and never to excess. If you master this, the rest of the training will become simple. Soon his will become putty in your hands and crave his Masters touch.
Train him to do ‘cute tricks’
Whilst this can be real cute to show off your slave to other Masters, it can also be used against you when he craves your attention – be strong. Good examples include: choosing a toy and dropping it at your Masters feet, assuming the begging position presenting yourself. One of the things I loved was the way my pup stuck out his tongue and had his tongue piercing standing just as erect as his cock. Equally holding his steel dog dish in his mouth when it is dinner time, playing with other pups as Master watches TV. The slave should choose him moment wisely – all of these actions need to be completed at a time when the Masters will notice. Doing it well will fill your Master with pride, do it badly he would want to take a strip of skin off your butt with his belt. This should not stop the slave from trying – if you fuck up, at least

Make the slaves feel guilty and inadequate.
The slave can never work hard enough for you; sometimes it will please you for them to wear rags out in public. They may well hang their head in shame – it is quite usual for slaves to wear jeans sizes too small or too big. If too small the holes in the jeans can leave them at risk of exposing themselves which may cause a public reaction. If the jeans are too loose they have to keep them from falling off or exposing the full body harness that they are wearing holding in the butt plug; of exposing his slave tattoo. On a warm day the smell of rubber would be very noticeable. Then add some extra work for them by carrying the shopping and trying to keep their jeans up. You can always leave their tethered up outside with the other mutts or vagrants/homeless/tramps selling the ‘The big issue’. You can leave your mutt in a nice sunny position so he can get ample refreshment from one of the dog bowls outside.

Be deaf to the slave – he has to work for your attention
Craving Masters AttentionAssume that he did not say SIR!
Unless he was clear and precise in his diction. You can amuse yourself if he did forget it and wait a few moments to allow himself to correct himself. He my think he got away with it – he never will and can never. You should choose your moment well to correct him. The other reach of this is when you are beating him, you would gladly stop if he has had enough but it is so hard to tell when he is so effectively gagged. Again you can expect your slave to be at your feet or under them. He cannot always have the pleasure of licking your best leather boots after a hard days work, you can have him breathing out through your socks cooling them off before he begins to lick and cool your feet. You can easily train any dog to provide a foot massage with his mouth. If you’re the Masters feet are too ticklish (not possible I know), he can lick your face, neck or any trace of sweat he can find on your body.
One of the best ways for perking up his Master is to lick up Masters spine from the crack in masters butt to the name of his neck. This one feels better than going from the cropped hair line till the slaves face is buried in Masters butt cleaning up a days worth of grime. The slave will have to practice which is best for Master. This can be mixed with massage as you paw at his back – licking him first will mean your hands will slide well. Likewise licking from the feet to his butt is very distressing. Getting the combination right and he will rape your slave ass the moment you are off him, if you are still sore from last time your technique will raise his energy levels for another hard day at work. Whilst you spend a day in the can with his dirty jocks just out of reach and your cock locked up waiting for his return.

Breaking fussy eating habits
Your slave seems unhappy with the menu at you’re his accommodation, simply don’t feed him for a few days, he will let you know when he is ready to eat again when you see him with his face in the garbage. He might want to take you to the vet to get you worming tablets or might have a treatment of his own.

Then your Master will eventually find the cuisine you are served is healthier than usual – your Master is quite entitled to choose the diet for you. He might want a skinny little runt or a cuddly mutt or a muscular hound. It is his choice and you obey as you crave to please him. It is not normally encouraged to offer him scraps from the table as the slave eats after the Master. You might find it amusing to see if the dog can catch his treats in mid air. A dog would often develop these skills and use them against his Master to sneak in extra treats – like he can only catch chocolate but not pickles! Some dogs need a balanced diet especially full toilet slaves as this is the only way they get the nutrients they need.
You may want to bind him in the correct posture so there  are no distractions to feeding - this is for his own good.  You can start with placing an item of animal food in his gob then washing it down with your piss, then another piece until his plate is cleared.

Be hospitable to visitors
So be hospitable to any people visiting your premises be they Masters or other slaves. The Master may gush about how friendly and adorable a pet you are or that you are untrained or a flea bitten runt. So don’t be surprised if your welcome some hot leather clad Master with a lick that he might kick you aside or push you down and not ‘appreciate’ your ‘best’ behaviour. You might be lucky and this Master might pet you. You have to be well presented with in the bounds of what you are allowed to wear. If you wear filth rags you can still behave well.

Of course if it is a visiting slave, you can give the odd nip when nobody is looking, but be careful. Other slaves less well trained than you are unpredictable and can be hostile when provoked.

Reaching for affection
If your slave approaches you for affection, ignore them. Better still, walk away or move to a distance that their wall chain cannot reach. Don’t worry if the slave struggles as he pulls on his collar to reach you, ensure you are only just out of reach – he has to think his goal is achievable even though you know its not. He will not be satisfied if he can only smell the leather of your jeans when he could have the full satisfaction of allowing his whole tongue to run down the length of your leg. With this in mind you move out of reach again – he may be smart to change positions to get closer to you.
This usually has a price to pay if there are spikes inside the collar. This will keep your slave on his toes and will ensure that they react with unexpected delight and pleasure should you eventually approach them.
This will ensure that Master is a special treat not something to take for granted; this will enforce the training process.

Litter tray or newspaper?
If the slave feels its litter tray needs to be cleaned more regularly, he may walk around in it and then leave poo prints all over the house or on any of Masters Clothes scattered around. The Master may of course take one of the following actions, rub your face in it or make you lick it up. He could lock in a butt plug when he is out of the house or lock you out in the garden way from the comfort of the house. In some cases it is easier for the slave to be chained up to the toilet that way his has access to water and to a toilet. The Master does not have the chore of caring about the dogs litter tray (or pile of newspapers). The Master could get scented cat little to further degrade your dog. Leaving your mutt locked up to the toilet bowl is useful in hotels, as when the maid comes in if he is fast enough he can hide in the toilet (they like to clean that to).
Back yard dog
Who sleep on the bed?
So often a slave thinks he should have space in a human’s bed. A dog should not get used to electric blankets or thick duvets that cover Masters superior bed. You have to re-educate this expectations - a dogs place is at the foot of the bed if he is lucky or on the floor or in his cage. A Master often get better uninterrupted sleep is the slave is in the cage. This means that should the Master enjoy snoring at night your slave gets only 5 hours of broken sleep and you have a full 8 hours. The slave may be tempted to say that he can sleep in a hood or a gas mask, but do you really want to be disturbed by gas mask noises or him fidgeting all night as the hood discomfort builds up. The same goes for any bondage that builds up risk over time or if unattended; such as cock and ball bondage. An effective chastity device designed for long term use would be fine as the slave will learn to control himself. If you wake up and find your slave on the bed, then just push him off the bed in a firm manner with the command “Off!”.
Stealing food
If the slave steals food from you - you must quickly correct his behaviour. It might be inconvenient to take he straight to the whipping horse - you may want to finish your meal first.
You have to quickly hand cuff him and have him facing the wall - there are plenty of restraints that will keep his hands out the way and ensure he is kneeling.
Then you MUST always follow though with punishment of your choosing; however it should not be more of the same as he is used to that.

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