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Reprogramming & Control of Lee

By Dogslife

Lee woke up muzzily, his head feeling like it was full of cotton wool. He blinked his eyes several times but everything looked monochrome and slightly out of focus. He tried to swallow to clear the foul dried-up taste in his mouth and found he couldn't.
Something was in his mouth, forcing it wide open. After a brief examination with his tongue, he concluded it was a stiff leather ring, but he couldn't dislodge it. He reached his hand up to free it, making two bizarre discoveries at the same time. The first was that a mask was covering his face with some sort of long snout, preventing him access to his mouth to free the object. The other was that he couldn't move his fingers or thumb; they seemed to be trapped inside some sort of glove. He lifted his hand nearer to one eye but still couldn't focus on it.

What on earth was going on?

What had happened to him?

He shook his head, trying to clear the muzziness away, not that it seemed to help. His arms stretched as he tried to force himself into clear-headed wakefulness and he became aware of creaks from something constricting his body. The thought occurred to him that lying on the floor might not be the best way to find out what was going on, so he tried to stand up. And failed. He began to panic as he realised that his feet were tight below his arse. His lower legs seemed somehow fastened there.
This couldn't be right. This couldn't be some sort of drunken prank of his friends, could it?

After some manoeuvring, he managed to get himself up onto his hands and knees, the latter of which seemed to have some sort of padding below them. Whilst he paused in this undignified manner, he tried to cast his mind back to the previous night, trying to remember what had happened. Nothing. A complete blank.

In fact, he seemed to be having problems accessing his memory, recalling only a few snippets of information about himself. He couldn't keep standing here. Maybe, even on hands and knees with no use of his fingers, he could find a way out of the room he was in. As he moved a leg forward, he became aware of two more sensations, one more urgent than the other. He had been vaguely aware since waking of a desire to shit, but now, as he moved his legs, he felt a tingling sensation start at his arsehole and travel up his spine.
Glancing down his leather-clad back, he could make out what looked like a rubber tail protruding from his arse. The fullness there, he realised, was the plug holding it in place. He waggled his arse again, seeing the tail wag and feeling, in spite of his predicament, satisfaction at the sensations running up his spine.
The second new awareness began to impinge on his mind once again: a dull ache around his balls. With his blurry, monochromatic eyes, he squinted down to his cock. His focus was improving and he could make out his cock encased in leather and the reason for the ache. A wide band of leather wound round the base of his balls, pushing them out from his body. His mind clearing, it had begun, to his concern and horror, to realise what all his observations meant. Before he could articulate it, the door opened and a man walked in.

"Ah, good. You're up."
"What have you done to me? I'm a human being, not some sort of dog."

These words were what Lee wanted to yell at the smiling man, but with the ring in his mouth and the dryness in his throat, he was unable to express more than a soft moan. "I see you're beginning to adjust to your new life." Lee shook his head violently. He might not be able to speak, but he certainly wasn't going to leave the man in any doubt about his feelings. "Anberitas."
Lee's eyes closed.


Lee's eyes opened, less muzzily this time and the full awareness of his situation rammed itself into his brain. What could he do? He would have to. he would. Nothing came into his brain, other than a vague feeling that an object would help him communicate with someone who would help him. What had happened to him? He couldn't think straight.

He got up on all fours as the door opened and the Master re-entered. The Master? Why had he thought that? No, that was right. This man was his master, the one who cared for him and controlled him. He trotted over and licked the Master's hand. His Master put down a bowl of water in front of him and, after a few false starts, he managed to lick up some of the contents. He looked up at the Master and decided to say. What would he say? There didn't seem to be anything to say.

Instead, he became aware of the need to empty his bowels. He trotted to the door and scratched at it, whining slightly, a voice in the back of his head asking him what on earth he thought he was doing.
"Good boy."

The Master opened the door and led him down a corridor and out into a walled garden. Lee trotted over to a tree, paused and sniffed it. Then, his face growing red under the mask as he watched himself from inside, he cocked his leg and let a stream of piss mark the tree. How humiliating. He knew it was. He didn't know why, but it was.

The Master was behind him, pulling on his tail. After a moment's pressure it popped out and Lee immediately crouched, expelling his shit behind him. The second he was finished, cursing himself inside from doing something he knew to be strange and wrong, the pressure was back at his arse and the tail had been re-inserted. He wagged it, knowing that even in the minute it had been out he had missed it, at the same time telling himself that he was degrading himself.

"Good dog."

The Master patted him on the head. Inside, half of him seethed with anger at the way he was being treated and the other half glowed at being praised by his Master. His brain felt like a cloud-filled battleground. He followed his Master back to the room.
"You're nearly there. Just a few more things to sort out for you.
Lee's eyes snapped shut.


Lee's eyes opened. His thoughts sparkled liked exploding fireworks for a few seconds and then faded away into blackness.

"Here, boy!"


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