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“Turn right through the large gates and on down the drive and stop at the front door” The car carrying Walter and Lee turned as directed and finally stopped at the front door of a large country house.

Walter and Lee had now been together for about two years. Lee, a good looking lad of about 23 who was working as a waiter, had been picked up by Walter in a gay leather bar two years ago and had been with him ever since. Walter, the chairman of a very successful international company, was the dominant partner in the relationship and Lee was quite content to take his orders from him. They sucked and fucked on a regular basis and were very much in love.

They had begun to play a few S/M games but Lee was now beginning to feel that something was missing. He longed for more control from his mate and also felt that he wanted to go in other directions.

Until a few months ago, they had not discussed it very much but recently Lee had told Walter of a number of his fantasies. Submitting to a powerful man dressed in rubber boots or waders was always central to the scene. Sometimes the man was dressed in a long heavy rubber coat and mask, sometimes in a one piece rubber suit but always in rubber and always booted. Sometimes, Lee was naked except for a pair of rubber boots, sometimes he was encased from head to foot in rubber and heavy chest waders. Sometimes he was bound, sometimes not, but always he was wearing rubber boots.

Walter had found he was also becoming more interested in rubber. He also knew now that Lee was the man he had spent his life looking for and had decided to make him into the perfect rubber and boot slave. He made little comment as he listened to the stories Lee told but he took everything in. Then once, and only once, he told Lee that he was to be trained as his rubber and boot slave.

The doorbell at the big house rang. A man appeared and Lee was taken aback. The man looked about the same age as Lee, his head was shaved as was the rest of his body including his eyebrows He was naked except for a rubber harness and pair of heavy waders. A metal rod, about 2 feet wide, kept his boots apart attached to restraints locked around his ankles. A cock ring was attached to the harness and a fat dildo stuffed into his asshole was held in place by the harness. Small weights hung from rings solidly pierced into his nipples and a wide heavy rubber studded collar was round his neck. He had a heavy ring through his nose and around his face was a heavy rubber muzzle which was locked on and his hands were covered in rubber gloves and attached by restraints and a short chain to the belt of the rubber harness.

A heavy weight hung from a ball stretcher wrapped around his nuts and a metal chastity cage kept his rigid dick limited to mere two inches in length. The head of his dick was also pierced and had a locked padlock through it. “Come in” said the man and stepped aside to allow Walter to pass followed by Lee. A large study lay just off the end of the long hall.

All three entered and Walter and Lee were shown to a long table near one end of the oak panelled room. There were two men there already and Lee noted that one, in his fifties, was dressed in a dark suit. The other, younger man was wearing a rubber T-shirt and a pair of tight rubber jeans tucked into a pair of heavy, steel toe-capped rubber boots. His head was also shaved and gleaming and he also had a ring through his nose. The slave who had showed them in knelt at his feet.

Once everyone was seated, Walter spoke. “Lee, the reason we are here is to plan your future. We will discuss the possibility of your becoming my private rubber and boot slave. On your right is my solicitor. He will explain the proposed agreement to you as well as to advise you as to your rights. If you accept the agreement, you will enter training to become a high level rubber and boot slave and that training will start immediately.”

Lee’s head whirled. At first he though he must be drunk or stoned, but then he realized it was something so big and important that he had difficulty in grasping the meaning of it all. The solicitor started speaking “There is a still a law on the books, which allows a person to indenture himself to another, in effect become a slave, as long as certain requirements are met. Those requirements are that the slave must be paid a wage, no matter how small and that he may terminate the contract of indenture whenever he wishes.” He went on to explain the various details of the law and the term of the proposed agreement. If he followed the rules, he would continue to be Walter’s slave, but if he did not follow the rules the relationship would be terminated immediately.

The solicitor pushed a document towards Lee. “If you wish to enter into this agreement, sign at the bottom of the page.” Trembling and sweating, Lee picked up a pen and the with the greatest of effort signed, signed. The solicitor placed the contract in his briefcase and then rose and left the room.

Lee stole a glance at Walter as the latter began speaking. “Your training will be supervised by the Master” he said pointing at the man in the heavy rubber coat and waders. “His estimate is that that it will take a year for you to become a fully trained rubber and boot slave wishing to live entirely and for the rest of your life totally in rubber and not desiring anything other than to suffer for my pleasure and to satisfy my every wish. He will be assisted by Bill, here,” he said pointing to the chained slave kneeling next to the Master “who is the Master’s permanent rubber slave and an example to you of what you will become, but who is also a physician and dietician. He will take care of looking after your health needs and provide you with an exercise programme. Remember you can terminate the agreement at any time. However if you do so, you will not see me again. In the meantime your wages will be deposited into your bank account. All your personal possessions will be destroyed and you will receive only such things as the Master and I deem advisable. Lee will cease to exist but in his place will be a slave living permanently in rubber and ready to serve his Master. After I leave, you will not see me or hear from again for a year, as you have already been told.

You will never again call me by any name or title other than “Sir” or “Master”. Lee was too overcome to speak but managed to nod his head. He felt he was starting on a road to which his whole life had been leading and which he knew that he wanted to follow.

Bill got up and went around behind Lee and, as he placed a rubber blindfold on the young man, Walter left. Lee shivered as the steps faded into the distance, followed by the sound of a car starting and driving away. He naturally felt regret that he would not see his companion for a year but he knew with all his heart that it was his destiny to become a true rubber and boot slave devoting himself to living in rubber and serving his Master.

After being stripped of his clothes and shoes, a strong arm on each side guided Lee along the passageway to what he later knew as the Training Centre. Once inside the rubber blindfold was removed and the two men left, closing and locking the door behind them. A completely naked Lee looked around and then decided to explore his new “prison” as he had very quickly decided that this was what it was. He appeared to be in what seem to be the entrance hall of his new quarters. Immediately to his right was the bathroom, a room with a lock on the outside but not on the inside. Apart from the usual normal features, it contained some very different but interesting fixtures. Standing in front of the sink he saw that by a system of mirrors he could see his entire body including the top of his head.


A bedroom led off the bathroom. A small army style metal bed was the major feature. The mattress was covered in a black rubber sheet and was surrounded by eye bolts screwed into the metal frame, obviously intended for anchoring someone, most likely him, in place. When he came out of the bedroom the next door down was locked and a small sign informed him that this was the “Training Room.

His cock began to get hard at the though of what might be in store for him in that room. To the right of the Training Room was what seemed to be a dressing room? Along one wall were empty racks but in a wall cupboard there were hanging a large number of rubber garments - one piece suits, diving suits, T-shirts, jeans, coats - more than Lee had ever seen in his life before.

On the opposite wall were more racks with an array of perhaps 20 or 30 pairs of rubber boots and waders. Some of them were brand new and gleaming, but others had obviously had a lot of use and were dirty and well broken in.

Next to them were several pairs of waders, some all in black, other with red, green or yellow piping around the soles and yet others with steel toe caps. At the sign of all this rubber he could hardly control himself and felt that he must put some of it on as soon as he could. A pair of well used black waders with red rubber covered toe caps attracted him. Black and butch, their mere look spelled “virile” and he guessed they had been well used down the sewers.

He picked up the boots and slowly began to ease his left foot into one of them until his toes were at the bottom and snugly under the steel toe cap. Then he pulled up the top until he could fee it stretching towards his groin. Then he pulled on the right boot and eased it onto his other foot. When he had finished him stole a look in the mirror nearby and saw that his cock was now rock hard. He reached down to massage it when he suddenly heard a voice obviously coming over a hidden loudspeaker “Stop! You have not been given permission to dress! Report immediately to the Training Room”

The sound made Lee jump.

He had not even noticed the speaker or the video cameras in the corners of the room. Running out of the dressing room he knocked at the door of the Training Room. Instead of the T-shirt, jeans and rubber boots that he had worn before, Bill was now dressed in a rubber shirt and chest high waders. Long industrial heavy rubber gloves covered his hands and stretched almost up to his shoulders. A few moments later the Master appeared and pointed to a high back chair with arms and lots of straps. Lee sat down and was immediately strapped into place. The Master proceeded to outline the rules of the house. Lee was to make no decisions, not to speak unless spoken to and do exactly, and only, what he was told and nothing else. He was to do nothing unless he had been ordered to do it and unless he had asked and received permission. This applied at all times and in all circumstances.

Any infraction, no matter how minor, would result in instant and severe punishment. As he had already broken this rule by getting dressed without asking permission he would now have to pay the price and this would be his first lesson in obedience. His punishment would be a long term bondage sweat-down.

However before that there was one other lesson he had to learn and that was that whenever he saw either the Master or Bill and either of them was wearing rubber boots of any sort he was immediately to kneel before them and lick their boots until he was told to stop. This was to emphasize to him that he was their slave in training and to begin to teach him to love, worship and adore rubber boots.

Quickly released and stripped of the offending waders, Lee was ordered to don a heavy neoprene wet suit. Then a pair of long heavy industrial rubber gloves were put over his hands and arms and then his arms and torso were enclosed in a sleeveless jacket which fitted so tightly that any movement was impossible. Over all this was fitted a pair of heavy black chest waders and then to top it all off, a heavy rubber hood was added. “On your knees” barked the Master “and show your appreciation of Bill’s boots”. He quickly knelt before Bill and started to lick his waders starting from the toes and working his way slowly up the boot to the top. Then he started on the other boot performing the same service. It took a long time and the boots were gleaming by the time he had finished. “Don’t forget the cleats” said Bill as he pushed his boot into Lee’s face and Lee began to lick the underside of the sale and make is as clean and gleaming as the rest.

As soon as he had finished his boot licking service, he was told to stand up and was then strapped into a vertical rack with heavy rubber straps preventing any body or leg movement. A gag was forced into his mouth and secured to the rack as was the blindfold so that even his head was totally immobile.

Then the room went quiet and Lee was physically and mentally alone, left to contemplate his future and learn his first lesson. His head raced with thought as slowly but surely for the next few hours inside his boots the level of his own sweat and piss began to slowly rise around his feet until it reached almost to his knees.


Several months passed while Lee continued his training as a high level rubber and boot slave under the direction of the Master and his slave, Bill. He was beginning to love the feel of rubber and to actually enjoy the pain of training. He now lived permanently in rubber. His usual dress which he wore at all times day and night unless otherwise instructed, was a heavy rubber boiler suit with a hood. He wore waders on his feet, heavy rubber industrial gloves on his hands and his face was permanently gas masked. Over the boiler suit he wore a heavy rubber body harness which was permanently locked on by the Master so that he was unable o remove any item of clothing even in the unlikely event of his wanting to, This harness consisted of a heavy rubber belt around his waist, with a strap attached to it at the back going under his crutch and locked to the belt in the front. Over his shoulders were two cross straps.

This was his normal uniform which he was never permitted to remove except for the necessary toilet functions. He worked in it, trained in it and slept in it. Even the gasmask was only removed for brief periods when he was permitted eat or when he was on boot cleaning/licking duty. “Lick those boots. Lick them until they shine and you can see your reflection in them.

Then when you have polished them all with your tongue, start licking them all over again.” Lee found that he was getting used to licking boots and was now actually beginning to look forward to his boot licking sessions and learning to keep his Master’s boots polished and shining with his tongue. He was now, as had been planned, starting to worship rubber boots and treat them with tenderness and love, thus generating and increasing his love of the smell and feel of these boots, which in future he would never be without and which were to be the centre of his life.

However this time it seemed that Lee’s efforts with his tongue did not please the Master. “Get over here by the bed” he barked. The instructions to Lee were in a voice with an ominous ring to it. Automatically following the command, Lee took his position facing the Master and in front of the bed. The Master then motioned Bill forward and he unlocked the body harness.

“Take it all off”

Lee hastened to comply, wondering what was coming next, but soon he realized that he was in for a hard time when the heavy neoprene diving suit was produced as he knew this signified heavy discipline and punishment. He quickly got dressed in the diving suit and put his waders back on. The Master then motioned silently to Bill who put a heavy rubber mask over Lees head, followed by a blindfold.

First one, then the other of Lee’s hands were slipped into fingerless rubber gloves, which after being securely tied, were fixed to a short beam attached to the ceiling. Lee had long since learned that it was folly to resist as doing so would result in even more severe punishment. Once secured, the top of a heavy rubber boot was thrust into Lee’s mouth and he was told that he had to hold it there for 24 hours. If he dropped it, the clock would be reset to zero and the 24 hours would start all over again.

He could do little except to concentrate on holding the boot in his mouth and wait patiently until the punishment was over. However, 24 hours later the boot was still being held by Lee’s teeth and his rubber suit contained, in addition to a considerable amount of sweat, the product of a large number of spontaneous ejaculations.

The training centre was closed off from the outside, illuminated entirely by artificial light. In addition there were no clocks, radio or television in the area. It was impossible to tell the time of day. Later, Lee would not even know what day it was as there was no way that he could keep track of the days since he never knew if it was day or night. He would be allowed to sleep for different lengths of time all the time. He would be fed at irregular hours.

All of this training was so that he could be ready whenever, and for as long as, his Master wanted. A slave who lived solely to serve his Master.

One day he was led into the training room and seated on the barber’s chair. Straps over his arms, legs and body ensured that he was held firmly in place. His mask was then removed and Bill, who was wearing a long rubber coat and waders, with long rubber gloves on his hands, produced a set of electric clippers and quickly started work removing all the hair on Lee’s head until it was down to stubble.

Then his head was lathered and the last vestiges of hair were removed with a razor until; his scalp gleamed like Bill’s. The clippers then ran over his eyebrows until they had completely disappeared and again the razor removed all vestiges of where they had been. Even his eyelashes were cut down until they were only a bare millimetre long. His rubber mask was then replaced, a gag was forced into his mouth and a blindfold strapped over his eyes. Finally a gasmask was placed over the lot. He immediately realized that where he had been shaved his skin had become much more sensitive and he could really feel the smoothness of the rubber.

Then Lee felt the straps round his body being removed and the padlock on the body harness being unlocked. “Stand up and take all your clothes off, including your waders. Then lie down on the bed in front of you”. Lee hastened to do as he had been ordered, wondering what was coming next. It felt most strange not to be wearing rubber, as during the months of training he had got so used to the feel of it and to enjoy the sensation of wearing it that he began to feel deprived when he had to take it off. He felt in front of him and found the rubber covered bed and lay on it, face up. His hands and ankles were secured and he then heard the sound of the electric clippers again. They ran over his chest, down his stomach and then down his arms and legs and finally round his cock and balls cutting away all the hair on his body.

When work with the clippers had finished, his body was lathered as his head had been and he felt the razor being used over his chest, arms and legs and then round his cock and balls. After that, the straps were loosened and he was told to turn over and, after being re-strapped, he felt the razor scraping away the hair from his arse. By the time they had finished he had been completely shaved from head to foot and not a single hair remained anywhere on his head or body.

“Now you are beginning to look like a proper rubber slave” said the Master. “Get up and put your clothes and boots back on again. You will now no longer be permitted to have any hair on your body and you will therefore be shaved totally from head to foot at least once a week as befits a true rubber slave and to remind you of what you are.” After Lee had put his clothes and boots back on, the body harness was re-locked and he found, as with his masked head, that he was even more turned on by it.

“On your knees and show much you love Bill’s boots” said the Master. Lee hastened to comply and started to work on Bill’s waders with his tongue and found that he was feeling proud to show his devotion and how much he had learned to love rubber boots.

When he had finished, he was led over to an exercise machine which had been somewhat modified to accommodate the special requirements of a rubber slave in training. His boots were strapped to the foot rest, while other straps made sure that he body remained where it belonged. Special fingerless mitts were put on his hands and locked to the hand pulls, making sure that his hands did nothing they were not supposed to. The blindfold kept Lee from seeing what he was doing. Bill, on the other hand, had no difficulty in seeing what was going on.

A swat of the cane or perhaps the strap would encourage Lee to greater efforts if he seemed to be slacking a bit. Monitors informed the doctor of the heart and respiration rates, allowing him to push Lee safely to his physical limits. Weeks of this rigorous exercise developed Lee’s muscles to great strength and, especially important for a slave, an amazingly high level of endurance. No Master wants his slave passing out, or weakening, at awkward moment. As usual Lee had no idea of how long he was kept on the machine, but it always seemed to be an eternity. Bill had told him that it was done because physical training was an important of overall slave training. Any protestations immediately brought several strokes of the cat or the strap and usually several hours of wearing an uncomfortable gag or other punishment

One day at the end of one of his sleep periods and after being released from his sleeptime bondage and performing the obligatory boot licking service to the Master’s waders, Lee was asked what he would like to wear for the day. He was dumbfounded. Not since he arrived at the training centre had anyone asked, or allowed, his opinion on anything. Thoughts raced through his mind as he searched for answers. Had he failed some part of the training? Had he been judged unfit material for a rubber and boot slave? Was this the end? He thought for a few moments, for this was a very special privilege. Speaking in a voice not without emotion he selected a rubber T-shirt and biker-style rubber jacket, tight fitting rubber jeans and unlined rubber boots. Then he paused for a few seconds and timidly asked “May I be allowed to wear a collar, hood and gag, Sir?”

Soon dressed, collared and hooded, Bill strapped the gag extra tight and snapped a small lock in place to ensure that it stayed where it belonged. As he did, Lee’s swollen cock shat a huge load into his pants.

That response was exactly what the Master had been waiting for. He knew that Lee had crossed a threshold ; that he had proved that he was proud to be wearing rubber and to be in training as a rubber and boot slave and that he wanted to be identified as such and not just as some one night stand who was not worthy of such a privilege. No longer was his ability to become a high level rubber and boot slave, totally devoted to the wearing of rubber and the service of his Master, questioned.

Lee had proved that he was ready for the next stage of his training.


Lee’s training as a high level rubber and boot slave had been taking place for several months. During this time the candidate had been developing the physical stamina required, but more importantly, a love of rubber and boots and the emotional ability to become a perfect example of a rubber and boot slave. He had in fact become a true rubber fetishist and although he was free to go at any time, he longed only for the day when his lover/Master returned and his real servitude in rubber began.

Lee had become addicted to rubber and obsessed by his servitude. These principal objects of his training had been achieved completely. He always looked forward to each session, as he never had any idea of what might happen and each experience was a complete surprise and delight to him. He had a nearly constant hard on as a result of the strong sexual feeling that wearing rubber and rubber boots gave him and which had also come to be associated with bondage, sweat downs or other discipline and training that he received from the Master of Bill.

One day, Lee was called into the training room and told to take off his one piece rubber suit and harness. His hands were then handcuffed behind him and the Master told him that, as a slave, his cock was no longer his property or any concern of his. In fact, he would no longer be permitted to obtain sexual satisfaction by jacking off as he would only be allowed to cum if, and when, his Master permitted it. In order to ensure compliance with this, he would now be fitted with a heavy rubber chastity belt and cock covering which he would wear 24 hours a day and to which only his Master would hold the key Although it would permit the normal toilet functions it would not permit him to jack off.

In the days following the fitting of the chastity belt Lee found that his devotion to rubber, punishment and training increased immeasurably due to his being kept in a state of permanent frustration and arousal but unable to do anything about it.

The next stage was that Lee was fitted with a butt plug that was also locked in by the chastity belt and he was told that he would now wear this 24 hours a day, except for short periods for the necessary toilet functions, so that his arse would also be ready for his Master whenever he wanted it.

The punishment and training then increased in intensity. Not only was he in rubber 24 hours a day and almost permanently gagged and masked, he also now spent much of his time, when he was not engaged in boot licking, in severe bondage. On one occasion when the Master decided to give him a real test he was forced into an arm binder and made to kneel.

The arm binder was attached to a rope from overhead, while another connected to his collar prevented any head movement. The Master thought for sure that Lee would not be able to survive the training without pleading for mercy and he kept him in that position for six hours.

Upon his release however both the Master and Bill were amazed to find that in addition to the sweat that had accumulated inside the suit, there was the sticky evidence that, despite the chastity belt, Lee had not had a bad time at all. A later interrogation revealed that he had actually spent most of the time asleep, awaking only when his cock was throbbing inside the rubber chastity gear.

However Lee’s favourite times were when he was put to bed, hooded, booted and strapped down on the special table. A catheter and collection bag solved the problem of getting the inside of his suit too wet and with little else to worry about, his dreams were peaceful and frequent but always of rubber and servitude. The periods of these bondage strap downs were now increased that so that he was spending much of his time in that state.

In the course of one of these more intense scenes, Lee was, as had happened so many time before, given a list of kit he was to change into. This time he was to find and selected the gear and put in on as quickly as possible and without any error or sloppiness. He was to wear rubber jeans and boots only - even his mask was to be left off and it was this that gave Lee the clue that something special and out of the ordinary was about to happen. He selected a pair of heavy rubber boots with steel toecaps and heavy rubber jeans. He was also told to bring wrist, arm and ankle restraints. This sounded ominous but exciting. He knew he was going to suffer. He cock tried to harden.

Dressed as ordered he returned to the training room and stood to attention before the Master, shivering a bit in the cool air - or was it shivering from fear of what was to come? He did not know or care.

Surveying Lee’s dress and restraints, the Master said “Today is the day when you will have your piercings inserted. All slaves should be pierced and ringed to remind them of their status and to demonstrate it to others. You are no exception. First your tits will be pieced and pinned but in your case, in order to emphasize your status, the pins will eventually be replaced by padlocks to which only your Master will have the key. Then your ears will be pieced and ringed and then your nose, which will also ultimately be padlocked. Finally your cock will be pierced and ringed. But again it will ultimately be padlocked. As you know you are not obliged to endure the piercings, but as you also know, if you refuse, your training will be over, your relationship with Walter will be over and you will never se him again.

Do you understand this?” Lee knew better than to say or do anything other than just a little nod of the head and a simple “Yes Sir”.

Lee was strapped onto the operating table, his head and upper arms held in place by straps, his boots lashed to the eye bolts at the edge of the table and rubber straps holding his body in place. He was ready.

Bill’s skilful hands picked up the piercing needle and started to push it through his left nipple. Lee could feel the pain but it was supportable and soon it was through and the pain subsided. A stainless steel safety pin was then pushed through and closed. The needle was then pushed through the right nipple and again, after the pain had subsided, a stainless steel safety pin was pushed through and closed.

In quick succession both of his ears were pierced and silver rings inserted. Then the piercing needle went through the sternum of his nose and a silver ring inserted. Finally, the needle was pushed through the head of his cock from left to right and another silver ring inserted.

After it was all over Lee was, unusually, allowed to look in the mirror at the hardware that had been inserted and his face broke into a broad grin. He felt that he had reached yet another stage in his training as a rubber and boot slave. His piercings, and in particular the rings through his nose and his cock, marked him out as someone who is under the control of another.

He was then ordered to change back into his rubber boiler suit, mask and rubber gloves.

His hands were locked into rubber gloves and a high rubber collar was locked around his neck. His harness was locked on and he was told he would spend the next 24 hours secured to a chair so as to ensure that he did not interfere in any way with the piercings while they were settling down. He mouth was gagged and ear muffs were placed over his ears so that he was in total isolation.

The piercings marked the beginning of Lee’s final stage of training before he would return to Walter as a high level rubber and boot slave, perfectly trained to live the rest of his life permanently in rubber, worshipping rubber boots, devoting his life to the service of his Master and glorying in his servitude and able to undergo the severest punishment and privations.

There was no sex between Lee and his trainers. This did not mean of course the Lee did not ejaculate as a consequence of external stimulation even though he was unable to indulge in self stimulation. External stimulation seemed to be hardly necessary anyway as Lee had managed to incorporate so much sexual feeling into his wearing of rubber, his slavery and his punishment that spontaneous explosions of cum were commonplace, several times a day.

Lee’s time was now divided between licking boots and being kept in more and more severe bondage. More and more rubber boots and waders were found to keep his tongue busy and in any case the Master was never satisfied with Lee’s efforts in this direction and kept him licking and cleaning the same boots time and time again - tops, bottoms and underneath so that they gleamed and shone. Every time Bill or the Master went out in rubber boots - and some excursions Lee was convinced were purely to get the boots dirty so that he would have more licking and cleaning to do - Lee would be presented with them, sometimes on their own, sometimes still on the feet of the wearer, for him to practice his boot licking skills.

When he was not boot licking, Lee would be put into more and more severe bondage for longer and longer periods. On one occasion he was told to put on a one piece heavy rubber suit, mask, gloves and heavy rubber lace up boots. He was then told to lie down on the rubber covered bed face down and his feet were trussed together and pulled until his knees were bent as tightly as possible and were then tied to the waist belt. He was tied down to the bed so that he could not move a muscle and was left that position all day. Even then, the tell tale signs showed that he had, as usual, been aroused a number of times.

On another occasion he was put into his rubber boiler suit and waders, heavy rubber mitts were locked on onto his hands and a gag and blindfold pulled tightly around his head over the obligatory rubber mask. He was sat on the bed. His ankles were secured to the eyelets at the side of the bed and padlocked into position. They were then pulled even tighter with a rope between his ankles. His arms were secured to his sides and his masked head was pulled forward as far it would go and secured in that position, fully bent forward, by a strap from the top of his mask ending on a ring through the rope between his ankles. He was left like that for the rest of the day, the gag only being temporarily removed from time to time so that his trainers could feed him water and other liquid refreshment from a bottle and tube.

As even this did not appear to take Lee to the limits of his endurance, which had been significantly enhanced by the arduous training he had been submitted to, the Master decided, for the final 10 days before Walter came to collect him, to give him a treatment that he had not endured before. The final 10 days would be spent totally in bondage, in full rubber, boots and gasmask, but secured to a cross frame for the whole of the 10 days. He was told that he would be let up and required to douche once a day and every other day he would be allowed a 10 minute shower before getting re-dressed for his endurance test.

Fitted with a gasmask, eyeless hood, full rubber suit, gloves and boots, he was put into place for the final test of his slave training. Periodically he was offered nourishment and water through a drinking tube and his bladder was emptied out with an internal catheter.

For part of the time his breathing was controlled by the use of a respirator. He could make absolutely no decisions, not even when to breathe. The Master had designed this test in an attempt to break the new slave, but even he had to admit failure. Lee endured it without murmur and without any attempt to secure release. It was then that the Master knew that Lee was as near perfect a slave as could be created.

Walter arrived on the day after the end of Lee’s incarceration and was informed that Lee had passed all the tests and had shown that his only wish was now to be kept totally in rubber, permanently in bondage and servitude, licking his Master’s boots and ready and willing to endure any privation or abuse in order to please his Master.

That morning Lee was told to dress in his tight one piece rubber suit and boiler suit, which were then locked in place with the rubber body harness. He was to wear waders on his feet and his rubber gloves were to be locked on to his hands. For once, and perhaps the last time in his life, he was not to be masked but a heavy rubber slave collar was padlocked around his neck. He had no money, no identification and had no personal possessions - a nonentity, totally devoted to a life in rubber and to the service of his one time lover but now his Master, Walter.

As soon as Lee entered the room where Walter was sitting wearing a pair of rubber fireman’s’ boots, the rubber slave immediately knelt at the feet of his new Master and started licking his boots, murmuring “Your rubber slave is ready, Sir”. Lee then followed his Master out to a life of rubber and servitude - a perfect rubber slave who knew, and gloried in knowing, that he would live totally and only in rubber to the end of his days, would never have a life of his own and would be totally devoted to the service of his Master for as long as he lived.

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