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British Pup in Nashville

My Story
5 Years
In the Beginning
Pupslave realisation
British Pup in Nashville
Childhood to Ownership
Fender - Coming out as a Pup
The Puppy Manifesto

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

* Care and Training of the Male slave


This is the true story of a boys discovery of his k9 side as he met a guy that later became his Owner.

Part one covers the first week or so on the meeting and about the chemistry between them.  It is not the most typical route in how a guy discovers he is a slave, and finds himself a Master. It is strange how circumstances come together and Master and dogslave are formed.
When you read both accounts, you might find that you identify with some aspects, and that can help develop you on your path.


  • Part1 - How the loss of my Parents changed my life for ever.
  • Part2 - How Master James started my full time training as a dog slave.
  • Part3 - James loans me out to Joe for a couple of days whilst he visits the city.
  • Part4 - My name is James and I will try to tell you my side of the relationship that developed between Adam and myself.
  • Part5 - Master James details his first punishment of slave Adam and the first 2 weeks they spent together.
  • Part 6 - Master James My Story: The Owner of a British Pup in Nashville


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