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* No Wank
* Cum Control
* Total Control and Ownership
* Abusive Furniture

This is another tool that can prove most effective.

When used during his Cum Control Training, you can milk him to the amount YOU want, or keep him in positions so that another dog boy can access him.

I also enjoy some added Electro incentives... Consider then two wires that run like telegraph lines under his hard cock, waiting to the loss of a hard on. This can be connected to a device of your choice... TENS, Remote Trainer or Tazer!

It keeps the slaves mind well focused, for if it should touch it, could he take it, what setting is it on.

Is he loosing his Hard-on, can he move out the way of it, how long can he hold that position to avoid the wires, all of this crosses his mind, every few seconds.

As he looks in the mirror and waits...

If his Master is in front of him, he might forget about things... then the shock spurs him on to perform better and better.


These things need to be used with some care as you don't want to damage your property.

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