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<Spike runs over to Master Doug jumps on his chest licking his face in his excitement...Spike then puts his muzzle at Master Doug's crotch sniffing his cock and balls...Spike's cock gets hard after sniffing Master Doug and begins to hump his leg in excitement...>


Spike's eyes prick up as he hears his Master opening a tin of his favourite dog food - he scampers to the kitchen still holding a pair of his Masters dirty socks in his mouth. His attention is fixed on his Masters are he prepares Spike's meal.
As Spike starts to salivate, the socks get damper, and he can taste his Masters feet in them. Spike starts to wag his tail, making doggy noises in his excitement, but not so that it could irritate his Master, only please him.
He drops the socks from his mouth, next to his Masters boots, panting with his tongue out. Master then gets to his dog holding the steel bowl near his pup, "Does Spike want his food ?" Spike barks, and begs upright, showing off his tit-rings proudly. Master puts it down on the floor, with spike still maintaining position, afters some minuets, Master signals his pup with a quick "OK".
The dog moves over, still with the irons on his wrists and ankles, and starts to feed.
Masters pays attention to the posture of his dog, "legs" he calls out.
Spike quickly moves his knees apart to expose is beautiful arse hole, his cock and balls. His ball had the steel doughnut weight around them stretching them down, making them hang doggy style. The Master looks at the dogs cock pointing outwards, and remembering how good Rufus's cock looks with his PA in, or with a steel padlock in the his cock, as he extends full control over his pup.
Spike glad of the attention wags he tail as he feeds, loving the sound of his Masters Dog chain welded around his neck, the disk of which rattles against the steel dog's bowl, he chases the bowl around the floor, trying to lick at the corners to get every bit out, as he is real hungry, not having eaten since the morning.

When done, he attempts to clean his face with his tongue, then takes the shiny bowl over to his Master in his teeth, his Master takes it and leaves it with the bowls that he real dog uses, since the look much the same. He takes a cloth and wipes the face of Spike, and takes his outside in the yard for his toilet.
Dogboy Spike wanders out, sniffs at the mound that Rufus left earlier that day, and then cocks his leg pisses there. Spike tries to shit but with his Master watching he finds it hard, the Master disappears for a moment and Spike pushes, then he sees his master holding a douching rod and a hose, Spike pushes down real hard now, as his Master connects the hose to the garden Cold water supply, and starts to strap his had with the rod, like a cop might do with a truncheon.
Too late, Master clicks his fingers loudly and points to a spot on the ground in front of him, spike has not choice but to comply, he moves in front. "Down" orders his Master, knowing what is to come, Spike, rests his chin on the grass, pushing his arse up high, legs apart.
His Masters then lightly lubes the rod, and inserts it into the boys arse, he lets a jet of cold water run into dogboys arse, Spike yelps (music to his Masters ears), as he fills up Spikes arse, soon it becomes real painful for him, and then he removes it.
"You have to keep that in there for 20 minuets, or I will whips the reminder of it out of your arse".
Spike starts to shake, Master leads him to the mound that Rufus left, and drove a spike through the collar, tethering the dog there, so all he could smell was Rufus, his wrist irons were such that he could barely touch his cock, except for the merest touch on its swelling length, he was unable to free himself, nor protect himself should he fail to control his arse. His Master walking inside, leaving Spike outside, Vulnerable to passing circumstances, a nosy neighbour, Masters real dog, anything...
The poor dog waits, shaking, his arse, straining, he tries his best, but the minuets seem like hours, he looks to see if his Masters returns for him, he whines, whimpers, and starts to howl, pleading for his Masters return. He cannot see that his Master is near by, watching and enjoying the torment of his hound, he masters gaze is fixed on the plight of the dog, the twitching of the dogs anus, the emerging wetness. The dog now feels too that his is loosing control, against his best efforts to obey his Master.
He Masters now pulls the leather belt free of his Rubber jeans.
"Fucking Disobey me would you"
He lashes out with the belt at the same time, across Spikes arse, the sudden fierceness of the pin, and Spike contracts, emptying is arse in a spasm. His Masters continues, whipping the boys body.
"You gonna learn never to disobey you Master"
Some of the shit hits his Masters boots, which gets him real Mad.
"You filthy mutt, look what you have done"
He moves in front of Spike, and places his boot in front of his face.
"What you going to do about it!"
Spike tries to lick it off, but the chain is tight on his neck, he whimpers and whines, trying real hard to please his owner, stretching though the chain almost causes him to black out he removes the dirt, as best he can, then looks up for forgiveness.
"That's better, you dirty Bitch"
he then gets the hose, and starts to hose spike down. "Your Bitch cunt now empty, pussy boy"
With a final push it was, as his Master continues with the hose. "Woof" Master cleans the dog off, then frees his neck. "Sake yourself dry boy"
The Masters then leads him into the house, where warmth caresses his body.
"Your not going to delay next time are you" "Woof - No Sir"
Rufus was waiting by the back door, for his fellow dog's return, and waiting for his Master. He then makes space on his dog blanket for Spike, where his body had warmed a patch. Rufus, obediently rests his forehead on the ground at his masters feet, tilting his head, hoping for a tickle. "OK Pup" Rufus moves his head so that his nose is buries his head into the jeans, smelling the rubber, licking off any of the dirt that Spike may have cause, as his Master stokes him.
"Good boy, now go and keep Spike warm"
Rufus, goes over to the dog blanket, and curls up, his hard-on obvious, so that much of his body touches Spike, but knowing that unauthorised sexual contact is punished with cruel severity, gently presses his warm hard cock against Spike, allowing the wetness on its end to leave a trace on Spike should he wish to lick it off later. Master then walks off to the car placing the two dog cages in the back of the truck, ready for the trip to the farm...}

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