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(Spike runs over to Rufus licking his face and tongue)

Hello Sir,

I'm sorry I didn't answer your letter right away but I had the chance to spend 5 days at the dog farm over the long holiday weekend. Needless to say, I had a great time. I hadn't been there for over 2 weeks and couldn't wait to get back there. I spent the whole 5 days living as a dog. While there, I had my nipple pierces stretched to 6 gauge rings. They were sore for awhile but they are coming along fine now. I'm looking forward to getting a PA in my cock. Probably sometime in the spring. Saturday, I was in another dog fight and did fairly well. My opponent was about my size but had red hair and blue eyes. We both knocked each other around for quite awhile. Our fight lasted over an hour and we were both covered with sweat and bruised all over but I finally won the fight when I had him down on the mats on his back, I was sitting on his belly and punched him twice in the head. He went out cold and I was declared the winner.

Since I don't have a full time Master, the owner of the farm acted as my Master and designed the punishment for the losing dog. He was tied to the leg restraints on the floor with his hind legs pulled wide apart. I was told to fuck him until the Master told me to stop. By this time, he was conscious again and was really scared as this was his first dogfight.

The Master took a large can of some kind of oil and filled his ass with it. I started to fuck him and really got into it howling and growling while I pumped his ass. They made me fuck him for over an hour and I came three times. After the last time, the Master told me to piss up his ass and keep my cock in there for another 15 minutes. When I pulled my cock out of his ass, my piss and cum ran out and his asshole looked really raw and sore. It was really great. I feel so complete giving up my human life and living as a dog.

You expressed some concern about the unsafe sex at the farm and I agree, it could be dangerous. We all have been tested and we aren't supposed to have any sex with anyone else so I guess, like you said, it is a calculated risk. The Master who runs the farm is very strict and if he ever found any of us messing around with someone else, I wouldn't want to suffer the consequences. He is very secretive and can be very cruel.
I've seen him whip his own dog and the poor dog was a mess after his flogging. I saw one of the human dogs being fucked by a real dog this weekend also.

It was fantastic. The human dog sucked the real dog's cock to get it hard and the Master of the dogs poured bitch urine of a female dog in heat over the human dog's ass. He then led the real dog over to his human dog and he quickly inserted his cock in the human dog's ass. The dog was a large Rottweiler and from the howling of the human dog, his knot must have been quite large. The dog pumped him for about 15 minutes and then came inside him. They were then stuck together another 15 minutes until the knot on the real dog's cock went down enough for him to pull out of the human dog's ass. The Master of the dog's then commanded 2 of the human dogs to run over and lick and clean the human dog's ass. It was really awesome. I'm looking forward to the time when I can try that.

I know what you mean, Sir, when you describe your love for Rufus. When you have these kinds of feelings, nothing can compare to the love between a Master and his dogslave. I feel that I am really a dog when I'm in training and I know I would like to live this way. I have contacted 2 Master's from a neighbouring state (Ohio) and if things work out OK, I will spend a trial weekend with each of them before spring and hopefully, one of them will work out.

Well, I better be going. Tell Rufus I said hello to him Sir and if I can help him in any way, let me know.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you both.


<Spike runs over to Master Doug jumps on his chest licking his face in his excitement...Spike then puts his muzzle at Master Doug's crotch sniffing his cock and balls...Spike's cock gets hard after sniffing Master Doug and begins to hump his leg in excitement...>

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