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Humiliation of a slave

Part 1


(gay translation)
(Hetro Version)

The slave knelt naked before his Master with his head bowed as he listened to HIS words.

"Your training begins today, cunt. You will be stripped of everything you think you are and everything you've learned. You will be reduced to nothing more than an animal until I deem you worthy of rising above that station. Since I do not wish to have to groom my animal, your hair will be shaved from your head. I know you place a lot of pride in that mane of yours; it is part of who you think you are but no longer! Does the cunt understand what I've said so far? Nod your head if you do."

The slave humbly nodded his head once. Beneath his lowered eyelids, tears filled his eyes, threatening to overflow. he was about to lose his hair and knew from that point on he would belong totally to his Master; there would be no turning back. The slave trembled from the panic that welled up inside his and yet, he was aroused beyond anything he had ever felt before.

"Good. From here on out you have NO privileges. That means you will not speak one word to anyone unless I specifically give you permission to do so. Your meals and drink, when I allow you to eat, will be taken from the dog bowl and your food will be eaten only with your mouth. You will not use your hands ever. A bucket will be provided for your bodily functions." The Master laughed and continued, " I will explain the use of the bucket's contents a bit later. Is the cunt still following me? "

"Yes, Master," the slave responded and immediately his eyes grew wide, realizing he had spoken. A sharp slap of his Master's hand fell upon his cheek, almost knocking his sideways. he fell to the floor, kissing his boots begging silently with his worship of HIM for his forgiveness.

"Stupid cunt. Don't let it happen again! Now, this hood I'm placing over your head and its accompanying blindfold will remain on your head during your entire training period. However, there will be certain occasions when they will be removed for a short period of time. This collar I place around your neck is your training collar. Though it is easily removable, it will not be removed until your training is complete. Then at that time, it will be replaced with a permanent collar which cannot be removed short of cutting it off your neck."

The Master leaned down and attached a heavy chain to the slave's collar and led his into the closet. There He chained his to a metal ring set into the floor. The chain was long enough for his to move about the small closet and to move a few feet outside of the closet.

"Cunt, you will feel around and find the blanket and pillow plus your piss pot. That's a good cunt. The blanket and pillow are not provided for your comfort but provided to keep you from getting sick. A sick slave is of no use to me. Concerning your piss pot, you are allowed to use it at will. Now, I have business to take care of. I will return shortly. While I am gone you will think of your station; you will stand outside yourself and see how disgusting you look naked and chained in a closet. " He laughed as if He had just heard a great joke then closed the closet door, locking the slave into his new home.

The slave moved to his blanket and curled up like a dog. he was scared. What had he gotten herself into? his emotions were confusing. Part of his wanted to scream out, telling his Master he could not do this. Yet the other part of his was in heaven. This was what he had dreamed of for many years. he had rarely told anyone because they only thought his crazy; even former Masters. Until this Master found his but it took his many months before he would admit to herself what he truly needed and to go to this Master. No, he would not run scared this time.

It was so dark; and quiet. Not a speck of light showed through his blindfold nor a sound reach his ears. his hands moved up to the collar around his neck; a leather dog collar was all it was. his hands ran down the cold steel of the chain to the floor where it was locked to the ring. Chained like a dog, only worse because he was hidden away in a closet like an old pair of shoes. To be taken out only when it was needed by the owner. If someone were to see his now they would be aghast perhaps laugh at her. This humiliated the slave thinking of all this.

The Master returned, unlocking the closet door and ordering the slave out. he stood but was immediately pushed down to the floor.

"Cunt, you will NEVER walk upright in my presence. Animals do not walk on two feet now do they! Now, crawl out here and kneel before me. It is time to remove that hair from your head. "

The slave moved quickly to his Master, stopping before him. he didn't know whether to kneel upright or stay on all fours. he became panicky as he tried to decide what to do. he decided to remain on all fours.

"Ah, good cunt. That's right. You will never rise above all fours unless permission is granted otherwise. Believe me, cunt, you're lucky I even allow you to crawl. You deserve nothing more than to be allowed to slither on your belly like a worm. Isn't that correct, cunt?", He asked the slave.

The slave nodded his head, wishing He would start shaving his head before he lost his nerve.

"Raise up on your knees while I remove the mask."

The slave did as ordered, keeping his head bowed. he felt his hair damp from sweat as the mask was removed. The time had come. he took a deep breath and exhaled. The Master laughed.

"Scared cunt. I like that. OK, cunt from here on out you are my property. This shave stands for many things which I've already mentioned but it also is symbolic of the control I have over your body. Now, truly nothing will belong to you, cunt. Your belongings and clothing were all disposed of as you saw earlier. Your last bit of property will now be disposed of."

With this said, the Master took out the scissors and began cutting his hair close to the scalp until all his hair lay in long curly strands on the floor. The slave cried silently, the tears streaming down his face. The Master then applied the shaving cream and finished the job until he was completely without hair. Not even a stubble remained. The Master stepped back to look at his new slave. It was amazing what a difference hair makes to a person's personality. He was curious how it would affect this slave.

He took a mirror and held it before her. "Look at yourself now, cunt. You are now mine. You are nothing and have nothing except me." He laughed, "Who would want you now, cunt? Look at yourself!" You're just a worthless, hairless cunt," He said with disgust. You are NOTHING without me, cunt! NOTHING! Just an animal. Look at yourself! Don't you dare look away! Repeat, cunt! Tell me what a worthless, disgusting piece of shit you are!" The slave repeated his words. "You are nothing without me, isn't that right, cunt! Repeat, cunt!" The slave again repeated his words, the tears filling his eyes. "Again, cunt!," He yelled. The slave said again that he was nothing without him. "Again, and again and again, cunt! Repeat it all again until I tell you to stop for every word is true and I will make sure you understand it".

"I am a worthless disgusting piece of shit and I am nothing without you," the slave repeated over and over again, louder and louder as his Master commanded. The tears were flowing heavily now as he continued to stare at the bald headed person in the mirror, repeating herself over and over again.

"That's enough, cunt," the Master said quietly after a few minutes and patted the slave on the head. Leaning down to whisper into his ear, He continued. "BUT, you WILL become something when I am through with you, won't you, cunt. You will be the perfect slave. One I will be proud of and you will be proud of yourself as well. The road will be long and it will be hard, cunt. So until then, you are only a lowly, stupid dog. And one day, IF you are lucky enough, you will bear my collar and bear the honor of the name 'slave'." The Master placed the mask/blindfold back onto his head and ordered back into the closet.

The slave curled up into a ball on the blanket and silently cried herself to sleep. he woke a few hours later. he wondered how long he had slept. he wondered what time it was. The mask was a bit less snug now that his hair was gone he thought. Oh god, his hair was really gone, he thought with disbelief. It has really happened. he wished he could touch his head but the mask prevented that.

he went to the small bucket in the corner and pissed what seemed like a gallon and then returned to his blanket. The slave sat there for what seemed like hours. he was becoming bored. he was starving and thirsty. he had not eaten since dinner the previous night. The slave became a little angry that his Master would allow his to go hungry. But then he remembered He had said, WHEN He allowed his to eat. Frightened, he wondered how long He would make his go without. The door opened suddenly and his Master reached in, grabbing the chain and pulling his out. He stepped in, then and saw he had pissed and shit in the bucket. He smiled. "Cunt, this bucket needs emptied and you're going to empty it." He removed the hood/blindfold and placed the bucket in his hands.

"Now, you will take the shit out of the bucket and rub it all over your body," He ordered. The slave hesitated too long and reeled from the smack to his face his Master gave her.

"Who do you think you are, cunt? Do you think you're too good for your own smelly shit? You are NOTHING, cunt except what I tell you to be! You are a dirty, smelly, disgusting piece of shit toilet. Repeat!! What are you, cunt?" He demanded.

"I am a dirty, smelly, disgusting piece of shit toilet, Master", the slave repeated. "Again!" "I am a dirty, smelly, disgusting piece of shit toilet, Master", the slave repeated. "Take that shit and start rubbing your body with it, NOW, cunt! And you keep repeating those words as you do so, you disgusting animal or you will regret you disobeyed me, cunt!

The slave gingerly took the shit into his hand and slowly, lightly began rubbing it over his body as he softly continued repeating the words. The humiliation and degradation filled his to his soul.

"No, you stupid cunt. Rub that shit faster and harder over you. Let yourself get lost in who you are. Quit fighting it! Revel in that shit, cunt! Become that shit! Let yourself become who you are! Speak louder, cunt! I want the world to hear what you are!"

The slave still hesitant at first, began rubbing the shit deep into his skin, speaking louder and louder as his Master prodded his on until he was screaming the words and the shit flew onto his skin. he reached into the bucket and pulled out more and continued crying out and rubbing the shit into his like a mad woman until there was no more. he stopped, panting hard from the exertion.

"Rinse yourself with your piss, now, cunt. Take that bucket and pour it over your head, NOW!"

The slave immediately took the bucket, holding it up over his head, he poured it over herself. The piss streamed down his face, into his mouth, down his back, over his tits, down his cunt. he moaned in humiliation and exhilaration.

"What are you, cunt?", the Master whispered into his ear. "I am a toilet, Master. A disgusting, smelly, piece of shit toilet, Master," he said this almost with a sound of relief.

"That's right, cunt. You are MY toilet and I advise you to get used to it. During your training you will feel this often. Every time your bucket needs emptied and every time I or my other slave needs to piss it will go on you where it belongs. Lay back and open up your cunt for me, cunt. I need to piss and I believe my slave here does as well.

Surprised and embarrassed, the slave realized his Master's other slave had come into the room. he lay back as commanded, closed his eyes and spread his cunt as wide as he could with his fingers. his Master stood over his and let his stream flow into his pussy. The slave then squatted over his and did the same. The slave moaned out in arousal from the degradation he was feeling and the relief at the beginning of his acceptance of his self.

A new sound came to the slave's ears and he opened his eyes, just as the whip landed across his stomach. Angry red welts rose as the slave cried out from the pain.

"Stupid cunt, rise to all fours stick that ass in the air and your face on the floor, I wish to use you. Every time you hear me shake this little noise maker twice, you will IMMEDIATELY assume this position, cunt! Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Mas...." the whip landed hard and fast over and over again on the slave's ass.

"God, are you stupid you ungrateful cunt! I let you speak once and you think you're better than the toilet that you are! How dare you think any different!! You will NEVER speak again if you continue with this insubordination, cunt. Lift that ass up higher."

Shaking from his stupid mistake, he raised his ass high. his Master's cock rammed into his ass hole and He began fucking his hard and fast. It felt like He was ripping his apart and he cried out from the pain. He grabbed the sides of his ass and pulled his hard into HIM as He continued to ram his cock into her. The slave began crying and pleaded for HIM to stop.

"Cunt, do you really think I care that it hurts you? The only thing that matters is that it feels good to me. You are only a receptacle for me or anyone else to relieve themselves on."

\ Finally, the pounding stopped and the slave fell to the floor exhausted, physically and emotionally. How he longed to crawl back into the darkness and his blanket.

"Oh no, not yet, cunt. My slave has been a good slave lately and I allowed his to name his reward. So, he wishes to use you as well. On your back, cunt!."

Trembling, the slave obeyed.

The other slave planted his shit hole over the cunt's mouth, telling the cunt to start sucking and licking. While the cunt worked his tongue, the slave began pushing more and more of his hand into the cunt's fuck-hole until his entire fist was inside. he then began fucking the cunt hard. The cunt couldn't believe the pain was starting all over again. The shit hole on his mouth muffled his moans. Then the slave began pissing into his mouth as he rubbed his shit hole on his face. The cunt swallowed fast in-between the hard thrusts in his pussy, almost choking. Then the pain in his fuck hole began to abate and he felt herself raising his hips up to meet the thrusts with animal like abandon.

he continued to lick and suck the shit hole pushing into his face, sticking his tongue up his hole, tasting his sweet, sweet juices.

"Slave, this is not for his to enjoy, fuck his harder with your fist! I want to hear the cunt's pain," the Master ordered.

The slave obeyed and the cunt cried out anew, unable to stop herself. Oh how it hurt. he cried from the pain. At the same time, the slave orgasmed and ground his cock into the cunt's face releasing a flood of juices. The pounding of the fist stopped then and was pulled out..

Both slaves lay on the floor, panting, sweat streaming off their bodies.

"Cunt, back in the closet. You stink like shit and cum, you disgusting pig. Blindfold on only until you are dry and then the mask will go back on."

Gingerly, the slave rose to all fours and made his way into the closet. The door was closed and locked behind her. As he lay down exhausted into the blanket, he could hear his Master fucking his slave; hear the moans of lust. This aroused his and he began playing with his clit until he came with those outside. Sleep came almost immediately.

When the slave next awoke, he woke from extreme thirst and hunger and the soreness between his legs. he was desperate for water and food. he did not know how long it had been since he returned to the closet. he knew his Master would be there soon, though and he would somehow get HIM to understand his need. The hours slowly passed, though, and there was no appearance of his Master. he dozed off and on until all sense of time was forever gone.

As the hours continued to pass by, he began to get scared. It seemed like a day had passed, maybe two. Had they abandon her? Forgotten about her? Tired of her? Oh, relief, he heard the key in the door, then the door opened. Warm pissed covered her. he hungrily opened his mouth to catch the moisture and sucked the piss into his mouth. The door shut and he heard his Master walk away.

It was all so unexpected, he didn't have time to even think to let HIM know how thirsty and hungry he was. he needed him. He was his savior; his god. he couldn't survive without him. Did he do something to anger him? Was that why He was withholding food and water?

With relief he heard his Master return. he fell to his feet, kissing them desperately.

"What's wrong, cunt, are you perhaps thirsty and a bit hungry?"

The slave lifted his head from his feet and nodded yes vigorously.

"God, but you stink, cunt. Move back away from me. I suppose toilets do stink, though, don't they, cunt. I suppose I better feed my little toilet but I want to hear you beg for your food and water, cunt. It better be convincing or you'll go another day without."

"Master, I beg you, this piece of shit toilet begs you to feed me. I am not worthy of.....

"Slither to me on your belly as you beg, cunt.", the Master commanded. The slave lay flat on the floor and began slithering to his Master as he continued to beg.

"Master, I am not worthy of being an animal. I am a toilet and a worm and I beg you to feed this worm. I am so hungry and thirsty. Please, my Lord, please, I beg you.......

"Much better. That's it, cunt. Slither like the worm you are. Beg me like your life depends on it because it does. Your entire life depends on me and always will. If you ever try to make a decision on your own, you will be severely punished. You are not capable of making good decisions. OK, food and water are in the bowls in front of you, cunt. Don't you dare think you're worthy enough to use your hands. You will use your mouth only."

The slave fell ravenously to the food and water. There wasn't much food, though plenty of water. his stomach still felt empty. Oh how he longed for more food. he pushed his nose into the empty food bowl and began to wine like a dog, hoping his Master would understand her.

his Master grabbed his whip and began whipping his ass again and again. Surprised and stunned, the slave sat upright, only to be met with a slap to his face. he fell back down to the floor, confused.

"Still a stupid, spoiled, ungrateful, cunt. I can see your training may take longer than I figured. How dare you think you deserve more than what I give you, you uppity cunt. Get it through your stupid head that you are nothing, you have nothing, and most importantly you deserve nothing! Repeat that back to me, cunt, while I whip some sense into you!"

he began to repeat his words back to him. "I am nothing, I have nothing, I deserve nothing." Over and over he repeated them and over and over again He whipped her. he thought it would never stop. The pain made his stumble over his words. he concentrated harder on what he was saying, hoping to block out the pain. Then finally He stopped and He ordered his to stop as well.

"From here on out, you will repeat those words to me every time you come into my presence. Those are the only words you will be allowed to speak at will. Do you understand, stupid?" The slave nodded that he did. his ass continued to burn from the whipping.

he heard two shakes of the box so immediately pushed his ass up into the air and lay his head down on the floor, awaiting his use.

"Good girl. You are going to start wearing this dildo up your ass with the tail hanging from it since all animals have tails," He told his as He pushed it inside her. "It's time now for you to learn how to heel like all well trained dogs do." He pulled the blindfold off his eyes. "Move to my left side, cunt. When I am standing still you will remain on all fours. At all times, your head will be held up proudly and you will lift your feet up high. When I begin walking you will keep up with me but NEVER are you to be ahead of my me. Now, HEEL!"

He began to walk and the slave kept close to his left side, lifting his feet high, keeping his head high as well. He made a sharp turn to his right and he stumbled and fell behind. This mistake was met with a sharp sting of the crop across his ass. For what seemed like hours He continued to walk around the room, making sudden turns. At first he missed every turn He made and his ass soon became red with welts from the crop. But finally, he could make it around the room without a mistake. his Master was pleased and even patted his on the head.

"Good girl. You did well." He held out his hand which had a treat in it for her. he gently took it out of his hand and gratefully ate it, licking his hand in gratitude when he had finished. The slave felt a warm glow inside her, knowing he had pleased his Master.

The Master taught his how to sit, lay and beg. he never could seem to do it fast enough and felt the crop many times but each time he did learn and the cropping would stop. Each time, he was rewarded with a treat from his Master's hand. Each time he licked his hand in gratitude; not daring to beg for more.

"Since you've performed well today, cunt, I will allow you to hunch my leg. If you are close to cumming, you will howl and await my permission to cum; or not cum. Begin." The Master sat down in the chair and extended his leg out. The slave mounted his leg and began humping it; feeling more and more like the animal he was. The roughness of his pants, the hardness of the shin bone of his leg, caused his to come close to orgasm quickly. he began to howl, praying He would allow his to cum.

"OK, cunt. Show your Master what a good doggy whore you are. Cum, dog. " The slave worked his cunt faster and harder on his leg until the orgasm exploded out of her. his howling died off as the orgasm subsided.

"Humping is the only way you will ever be allowed to pleasure yourself. Your hands are NEVER to touch that dirty cunt of yours. That is reserved for others to use. Now open your mouth. I wish to use you. The slave opened his mouth wide while He pulled out his cock. He grabbed both sides of his bald head and began fucking his face; pulling his head on and off his cock, while He slammed his cock inside his mouth. He felt his choking but He didn't care. his mouth was warm and soft and He soon came, spilling his seed inside his mouth.

"Don't you dare swallow, cunt! Whenever there is cum in your mouth you will always, open your mouth for me to observe and await my permission to swallow. That's it , cunt. I don't care where we are or where I am, you will find me and open your mouth for permission to swallow. Is that understood?"

The slave nodded his head, careful not to spill the cum out of his mouth.

"Good, now you may dribble the cum over your tits and then rub all that cum into your dirty smelly skin. Look at you. Smelly dried on piss and shit and now cum. You ARE a toilet aren't you, cunt. Bring your bucket out and wash yourself off with your piss."

The slave did as ordered, rubbing the piss into her, washing off the cum and shit the best he could. It wasn't enough, though, so he still stunk. It humiliated her.

"Back into the closet where you belong, cunt."

With relief he crawled back into the darkness of the closet. In here, in these close walls he felt safe. It must be how animals feel when they're in a cage or a cave. his Master wanted his to become an animal and he would try hard to let herself become one totally. he felt so dirty and so small as he lay there in his filth and nakedness. he heard someone set something outside the closet door. Then the door opened a set of earphones were placed over his ears. his Master ordered his not to touch them. He left the closet, shutting the door behind him. A recording of his Master's voice began playing.

'You disgusting cunt, you ARE nothing, you HAVE nothing, you DESERVE NOTHING!! You are no better than a dog or a toilet. You are just a hole to be used. That is what you were born to be and what you will always be!'

For the next few hours he was sure, the tape ran, the words coming over and over again until they echoed in his brain; until out of boredom he began saying the words along with the recording; over and over. he shut his eyes as he spoke, letting the sound of his voice and hers find their way deep into his soul. he dozed off and on but each time he woke the recording still continued.

Two days passed before his Master came to retrieve her. Two days without food, two days of his voice speaking to his over and over again into his ears. Two days of boredom. he was going crazy to see his Master. he didn't care what He did to his as long as He showed his attention.

"Heel, cunt!"

he quickly crawled to his Master's left side, remembering to hold his head up high. he felt the tail dangle between his legs and moved his ass back a forth a bit so he could feel it against the back of his thighs and calves. he waited for his next command.

He patted his head. "Good , cunt. Stay." He walked a few feet away from his then turned to face her. "Now, you stupid cunt, I suppose you're hungry. Show me how you beg for your food from your lord and Master"

Excited that perhaps he was going to eat, he immediately lay flat on the floor and begin worming his way towards his Master, begging HIM to allow his food.

"I am nothing more than a dirty, smelly worm who is begging you to feed me, Master. I am so hungry and plead with you to have mercy on me, a worthless cunt. I don't deserve to eat but I need to in order to serve you. Please Master, I beg you for some food." he continued to slowly drag his body to his Master until finally he reached his feet. he kissed them reverently over and over again.

He lifted one of his feet up and pressed it against his head, pushing his face into the floor.

"Stupid cunt, what did I tell you was the first thing you would always say each time you saw me?" He asked with a quiet menace, his foot pressing down harder onto his head.

With horror, he remembered what he was supposed to have said and didn't. "Oh Master, please forgive me. I am so forgetful. I promise I will……"

"ENOUGH, cunt. It's too late now. I think perhaps your punishment will be no food. You certainly didn't prove your attentiveness to my command. That is a huge error on your part, cunt. So I'm not about to reward it. From here on out you will never again refer to yourself in first person. In other words you will never use the words, 'me', 'I', 'my', etc. You are NOTHING; you are not a human and so will not refer to yourself in human terms. Understood, cunt?!"

The slave nodded his head.

"I have some friends in the living room. You will follow me out there when I tell you to heel. Perhaps if you beg each of them hard enough you might be able to get a bit of food thrown at you. Now, HEEL, cunt!"

Part 2

he followed his Master out into the living room. There sat five people three other men and a couple women. One of the women was kneeling at a man's feet. The other one, plus his Master's slave, were being used as a table and a foot rest.

"Jesus, what's that smell? Ah, no wonder, another slut has entered the room. Come here, dog."

he stared to go towards HIM when he was jerked back hard. "Dog! Don't you think my permission would be appropriate?"

Ashamed, the cunt looked to his Master, "Please forgive me, Master. May I go and beg HIM for some food, Sir?"

"You dumb cunt. What did I JUST tell you about using first person when referring to yourself!!!", He smacked his hard across the cheek.

"You may go beg now but you may not speak."

he crawled over to the man and began begging as a dog would for some food. Everyone in the room began to snicker and his embarrassment grew. The man he knelt before ordered his to roll over, which he did. This brought about more laughter. he was then told to sit, to lie down and to play dead. Each time the laughter grew. he felt so humiliated. Finally the man was satisfied and threw some food down to the floor for her. The cunt ravenously bent down to eat. Someone pulled his tail out and cleaned the shit off of it by rubbing it onto his skin. The cunt went around to the other men as well and continued to beg for food. They all had his do various tricks in order to earn his reward. By the time he made it all the way around, his stomach was full again. he found herself feeling very low and animal like and also very horny. he began to whine and rub against his Master's leg, hoping He would understand.

"I do believe, gentlemen, that this dog is horny. Too bad. However, if any of you gentlemen need relief, this dog here is always available for use."

Two of the men got up and went over to the cunt. The other man sat where He was and watched, yanking on his cock as He did so. Seemingly at the same time, one cock thrust hard into his butt hole and one into his mouth. They both fucked his back and forth in rhythm. Slamming their cocks into his until it felt like they were meeting inside her. Unbelievably, they both seemed to cum at the same time. One came on his face and the other onto his ass.

When they pulled out, he was ordered to remain all fours. he panted quietly, his head hanging down some. Then what seemed like out of a cloud, he found herself staring into a large dog's face and at the same time, he felt the fur of another dog behind his as He sniffed and lapped at his cunt. he started with surprise.

"Cunt, you are a dog and so you will be treated and fucked like one for our amusement. While the first dog is fucking you will stroke the other's cock with your hand and mouth. Then I will bring HIM around and He will be allowed to fuck you as well. Cunt, you may not realize it but you will not only become a dog, you will be submissive to these dogs and serve them as well. Whenever they wish to fuck, you will have to submit to them. Believe me, these dogs can be quite 'ravenous' quite often. Now, on with the show!"

He helped the dog to mount the cunt, then stood to the side. The dog found his way into his wet cunt quite easily and began fucking his as fast as He could. The cunt cried out in both pleasure and humiliation as he stroked and sucked the other dog as well. Faster and faster the dog pounded his cock into her, like He was trying to get his entire body inside her. he couldn't keep up with his thrusts. Someone came over to his and held on to her, making his body move into the dog's cock again and again. By the time the dog came and was released from her, he was exhausted. But before he could even think about laying down, the other dog mounted his and began his use of her. The cunt began to float away into nothing. he had no control; he was like a puppet. This time someone just held his up while the dog fucked her. he had become a hole and nothing more. he had no power to be anything else or to think he was anything else.

When this dog finished with her, the cunt lay down on the floor, panting heavily. he looked to his Master with begging eyes but he saw HIM laugh and realized He was not done using his as their entertainment. he was taken to a large cardboard box and placed inside of it. There was just enough room for his to lay down if he curled up into a tight ball, which is exactly what he wanted to do. he didn't care what was going to happen. That was when he felt the first of six people who would piss on her, one after another. As they did so, they also emptied their ashtrays into the box, pieces of paper, bottles, food scraps scraped off of plates, watered down drinks, etc., etc. he had become a trash can.

Each time someone pissed on his or threw some trash in the box, he was asked what he was. he answered that he was a garbage can. But they wanted more. he answered that he was nothing, but a filthy, stinking garbage can, and dog slut. It was as he was always meant to be and he deserved nothing more. This response pleased them all and a tired smile, knowing he pleased them, crossed his face. he fell asleep in his filth as the party continued, awakened occasionally by trash or piss.

he felt herself being lifted from the box and dumped into a bath tub.

"Wake up, cunt. You performed well tonight, I was quite pleased. Your reward is a warm shower and a cleaning from me. Now, remain on all fours while I turn the shower on. You are, after all, still and always will be a dog and this is how I always bathe my dogs." The warm water hit his skin and it was like heaven. he moaned quietly in pleasure. Then his Master began bathing his with soap. This was even better and his moans became continuous. His fingers found his way into his cunt and He began fucking his with his fingers. Though his cunt was sore, he fucked his fingers. For some reason, being fucked with fingers tended to make his cum faster and more intensely than a cock. he always liked when a Master used his in this manner. he had always seen sex as another way his Master controlled her. Oh, the fingers opened his up wide, he could feel each one inside her, probing his deeply, fucking her. he became lost in his Master's manipulation of his until he began to howl for need of release. This his Master granted his and he felt his orgasm soak his Master's hand. He continued to bath his until he was clean. Then dried her. He ordered his to heel and He led his back into his closet. Without hesitation he scrambled beneath the blanket in this safe place, his new home.

"Understand this, cunt. You will feel tenderness from me occasionally but it is not a habit and you will never see it as a weakness. It is only a reward I might decide you need after excellent service. Now, go to sleep, little girl." he didn't have to be told twice. he was asleep before He closed the door.

For two weeks (or was it three, he couldn't tell) his intense training continued in this manner. Slowly, he became the obedient dog, the dirty toilet. he reveled in his new self, which wasn't really a new self, just one he had never been allowed to be. Before his training, he had been too strong and too belligerent at times for his own good; never feeling completely under a Master's control; never feeling completely dependent upon a Master. Now, though, he felt his submissiveness to his Master deep into his soul. Thoughts of disobeying were no where to be found. his dependency on his Master was complete. And he felt a happiness and a contentment he had only dreamed of before.

The time had now come for his to truly become his Master's slave. his training collar would be replaced with a permanent one. he would be allowed out of the closet during most of the day and night, though it would still be where he slept. For this he was glad because he had grown used to the confines of the closet.

As he thought back on the past weeks, his Master opened the closet door and ordered his out. Obediently, he crawled to his feet. He ordered his to heel and He took his to the shower. There he crawled into the tub, staying on all fours. his Master's other slave was there and he proceeded to silently bathe her. When he was clean, the slave led his out of the tub and dried her. Then his Master returned and led his into the living room. There were other people already there; speaking and laughing, then falling silent as they entered the room. his Master reached down and removed his collar.

"You are free to go. Leave here and become again what you were; a lost soul."

The cunt wasn't sure if He was serious or not. But he knew he did NOT want to leave. he had searched his whole life for him. he could never survive without HIM to serve. he fell to the floor and began licking his shoes in desperation. Scared He was going to send his away. It seemed for a long time He stood there, silent, like the rest of the people there; only the sound of his desperate tongue licking his shoes. Finally, He spoke.

"What are you trying to tell me, cunt? Do you wish me to take true ownership of you? "

he nodded his head vigorously

"Do you wish to stay here and serve me as my slave, my dog, my toilet for the rest of your life?"

Again he nodded and smiled.

" Stand, cunt. Two of you hold his arms and have two of your slaves hold his feet. Cunt, I will place my marks on you now which you will carry the welts for a few days to remind you of this day. It will hurt but it is my acceptance of you. "

his Master stepped up to his and kissed his gently on his cheek, then stepping back, He took the whip and began flogging his back with extreme intensity. The cunt cried out in shock and pain as the whip landed over and over again onto his back. It seemed He barely stopped in between whacks. his screams filled the room. When He was done, he was released and weakly he collapsed to the floor.

"Kneel up before me, cunt. I accept your offer of servitude. You are now my property. I am replacing this training collar of yours with a permanent slave collar. I will hang the training collar in your closet to remind you of how you got here. I have the only key to the lock of your new collar. It, your collar will never be removed unless in a dire emergency. You will always feel my ownership around your neck. You will now have the honor of being called 'slave'. You, of course, have no name. I don't name property I own. "

He takes the collar and locks it around his neck. He looks around the room at his friends. "Let you all be a witness that I take this slave as an addition to the property I own." The new slave smiles widely as these words are spoken.

The slave was allowed to sleep with his Master for the first time since his training began. It felt strange to be laying on a bed; even a bit unsettling but the closeness of his Master soothed her. he slowly awoke the next morning to the sound of movement in the bedroom. he opened his eyes and saw his Master's other slave, naked and tied spread eagle and upright to the two posts of the poster bed.

"Wake up and listen slave. You will be servicing my slave this morning. The second stage of your training begins today. This lovely slave here is my number one slave whom you've met for only brief moments. You are number two and therefore lower than even her. You will always obey his and respect his as you would me. You will be required to service his often as you do me. So, most every day you will be servicing either his and/or myself until an orgasm is achieved. That's not too hard to remember, is it, slave?"

The slave shakes his head.

"For now, until I decide you are worthy of more, you will be allowed to answer 'yes, Sir' or 'no, Sir' but other than that you are not allowed to speak. Hmmmm, however, I still want you to repeat your sentences each morning to both me and my number one slave. So, come around here in front of my slave and speak." he does as ordered.


"Good girl. Now make my pretty little slave happy this morning with your tongue and your fingers."

The slave kisses the restrained slave softly on his mouth. Then slowly runs his wet tongue over every inch of his face, then down his neck; gently sucking the side of his neck. By the time he reaches his tits, the slave is moaning and arching his back, trying to push his tits into the slave's mouth. The slave takes one of the nipples into his mouth to suck while his hand plays with the other nipple, twisting it and pulling it first gently and then harder as the slave becomes more aroused.

As the slave continues to suck the nipples, he moves his hand slowly down to the slave's pussy. There he feels the shit hole wet with lube and swollen. he pushes one finger in the slave's hole and begins fucking him slowly. he then inserts another finger and then another. The slave fucks the fingers furiously, his juices starting to stream over the slave's hand. The slave takes his forth finger and inserts it into the slave's ass hole, now fucking both his holes. This causes the slave to cry out in passion, fucking with abandon now until, with one last push and scream, the orgasm comes and soaks the slave's hand and the floor. At the same time, the Master orgasms as well and squirts his cum over the restrained slave.

The slave pulls his fingers out of the slave and looks to his Master for instruction.

"Good girl," He says as He pats the slave's head. "Now, I want you to clean his up. Make sure you get all my cum off of his body and clean up his cunt as well. The taste of cum is your reward."

The slave gratefully cleans the restrained slave from head to toe; savoring the cum of both. The Master then unties his slave from the bed and sends his to the shower.

"Kneel at my feet, slave and look up at me while I speak. Are you horny?"

The slave nods his head yes. "Good. That is the way I want you to remain; the way you will remain for most of your life. I like having a slut so horny he is ready to fuck anything at a moments command. You will NEVER be allowed to relieve yourself while being fucked by a man or woman. You are only a hole for others to relieve themselves with. However, there will be times when I will allow you to orgasm as a reward by either humping my leg, or humping the floor or by having a dog fuck you. After all, that IS what dogs do is hump legs or fuck another dog. Now isn't it, dog? And if you should come close to orgasm, you will howl to gain my permission to do so. Is this all understood, slave?

"Yes, Master."

"Good girl. Now, go to the kitchen and prepare a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and orange juice for the three of us but set the table for two. You will, of course, be eating from a plate on the floor where all dogs eat. Only rarely will you ever be allowed to eat at the table."

The slave bends down to kiss his Master's feet reverently and then rises to go to the kitchen. Immediately, he is jerked back by his chain.

"Cunt! I did not give you permission to rise. Down on your hands and knees! You are NEVER to be upright in my presence unless I give you permission to do so. And when I walk into a room you are in, you will immediately drop down to all fours until I am no longer there. Do you understand, slut?

"Yes, Master. I'm so sorry….."

"Stupid cunt, did I give you permission to say anything more than 'yes, Sir"? Kneel up and lift your face to me. This should remind you." The Master slaps his slave's face roughly a few times. Tears come to the slave's eye's more so because he has angered his Master than from the sting of his slaps.

"Now, you may crawl out of this room and THEN you may walk into the kitchen." The slave scurries quickly out of the room.

While the slave fixes breakfast, the Master enters the kitchen off and on to get the slave in the habit of dropping to his knees in his presence. He is pleased when He finds He doesn't have to remind his to do so. When breakfast is ready He gives the slave permission to walk upright in order to serve the breakfast. his own breakfast is eaten from a plate on the floor next to his Master. he is only allowed to eat with his mouth. his Master reaches down to pat his on the head once in awhile. This makes his feel even more like a dog and it thrills his to feel that way and also just to feel his Master's gentle touch. When all were done eating, the slave proceeded to wash the dishes and clean up. his Master returned to the kitchen when he was done and he dropped down to his hands and knees as required. "slave, I have no further use for you at the moment. You will return to your closet. You will not touch yourself in any manner while you are in there. I will allow you to know that I'm considering, when the weather gets warmer, of allowing you to live in the kennel for a bit." The Master smiles and continues. "I can see this arouses you very much, slave. Stay that way. Now, go on to your closet."

The slave's second phase of training continues. he is taught how best to bring his Master and his slave to orgasm. Their need comes at all times of the day or night. No matter what he is doing he must submit. Sometimes he is awoken in the middle of the night to be used. Once he was cleaning the toilet and his Master came in, ordering his to put his head inside the toilet while He fucked her. Sometimes he would be chained to one of the many hooks around the home and 'forced' to watch his Master fuck and/or whip his slave. Occasionally, he is allowed to hump a chair or his Master's leg to bring herself to orgasm. It doesn't relieve his seemingly constant state of arousal but it only seems to make it intensify. he is not allowed to forget he is a toilet and therefore is pissed on at least once a day, which, causes his an arousal so intense that it's as if he orgasms which adds to the arousal which seems never to leave her.

he is taught how to keep his Master's home clean and how to cook the foods He enjoys. He is very strict and particular about this. The slave is basically lazy and is whipped more than a few times in the beginning for his laziness in not following through exactly with his orders and expectations. Rarely is he off of his chain. There are numerous hooks around the home. Each room he goes into and will be in for awhile, his Master or his slave chains his to one of these hooks. The chain is long enough for his to move about the room but it could be awkward. he is comforted by this chaining, though. It makes his feel safe and secure. After a few weeks the slave is allowed out of the house to do the grocery shopping but only under the supervision of his other slave or sometimes himself. he is never allowed outside for anything without supervision. he is given a list of food to buy and knows he must not deviate from that list. he is not allowed to handle any money. When he gets to the line to pay for the groceries the slave or Master hands the cashier the money required.

Lately, the slave's attitude has not been very 'slave-like'. he is punished a couple times for his attitude and misbehavior. The third time, however, the Master decides something more drastic is needed. He orders his slave to bow his head down before him.

"Cunt, I am most unhappy with your attitude lately. 'Sheryl' seems to be still around in that stupid head of yours. he seems to think he is actually on the same level as a human. This has got to change and WILL change. I think you need to be taken down a bit more. Starting today, you will no longer be part of this household. Instead, you will live in the kennel for awhile. It is good that it is your 'time of the month'. The dogs will be quite horny smelling you in heat. You will submit your body to any dog which needs to use it at any time. You will sleep and eat with the dogs for the next week. You will bark, whine, growl just like a dog. You will become a dog. You will of course remain on all fours."

The Master takes the slave by his leash and leads his out to the kennel. The five dogs there begin barking at their approach. He leads his slave into the run where the dogs run to HIM for attention and then to the creature beside him, smelling his ass, his cunt. The slave, despite his shame, is aroused when the noses and tongues touch her. The Master jerks his chain.

"Slave, from here on out you are a dog. You will act as a dog. You will sniff their asses and cocks. You will wag your ass in their faces, enticing them to fuck you. When you see someone approach you will do as they do, bark and push and shove to get some attention. If I see you are not acting like the dog and slut you are, you will be punished much more severely. Now, I will leave you here. I think I will stand by for a bit, though, to watch you get fucked as it seems I see a few hard dicks around you."

The Master leaves the run but stands outside the fence to watch.

Almost immediately, a dog mounts the slave and begins fucking his wildly.

"Remain still, DOG! You are only a hole to be used!"

The slave obeys and stops his hips from bucking against the cock. he feels the dogs claws bite into his back. he hears the dogs around her, snapping at each other and pushing against her, their horniness being fueled by his blood and the dog which now fucked her. The slave finds it almost impossible to remain still against the invading cock. he looks to his Master and begins to whine. He laughs at her.

"You slutty fuck hole! How dare you think you deserve to feel pleasure after your atrocious attitude these past few days! You will remain still!"

The dog at this time, began thrusting faster and harder into his cunt until he felt HIM cum and swell inside of her. Within a few minutes the dog pulled out. The slave felt another dog nosing around his cunt then He mounted his as well and once again he was being used as he knew was his purpose. The dogs used his for the rest of the evening. Not constantly but consistently. When finally the dogs decided to leave his alone, he was exhausted. he crawled to a spot of hay and curled up into it with a blanket over his to sleep. A couple dogs lay near his and slept.

The slave woke to his Master throwing food over the fence for the dogs to eat. They grabbed the food ravenously, swallowing the food whole it seemed and then looking for more. The slave got up and crawled to the fence, barking and whining for some food. The Master threw a piece to his which landed right in front of his but one of the other dogs quickly grabbed it. The slave looked to his Master and whined but He only laughed at his as He walked away.

The slave was so hungry. he eyed a piece of meat one of the dogs has missed but by the time he crawled to it, it was gone. The following morning, the same thing occurred. The growling dogs scared his when he tried to take a piece of the meat away from them so he would back away, cowered, and retreat to his spot on the hay. By his third day with the dogs, having no food and being used, the slave knew he had to eat one way or another. When his Master brought the food and began throwing it over the fence, the slave scurried to a piece of meat where he wrapped his arms around it on the ground. One of the dogs tries to push his way into his arms to take the meat but the slave, to his surprise, heard herself growl at the dog viciously, then he bent his head down and began eating the meat. his Master clapped for her, telling his what a good dog he was.

That day, the dogs used his well. The slave made sure he rubbed his cunt in their faces and sucked on their cocks as well. he found he was feeling more and more dog like and he wanted to make herself lost into his new role. his Master and some friends arrived while he was being used by one of the dogs. His friends seemed disgusted that he was being fucked by a dog but he saw the hard bulge in their pants and this aroused the slave further. he whined to his Master loudly, silently begging to be allowed to move his cunt against the dogs fucking cock.

"Are you ready to become a total dog, slave? Once you begin fucking you will become a dog; a bitch in heat like they've never seen. If you choose to fuck, you will no longer be at the status of slave. You will be a dog slut and no slave will ever respect you as a fellow slave except for other dog sluts. You will be looked upon as dirt by other slaves. All will know what you are by the sign you wear around your neck proclaiming your lowly status as a dog slut. Do you still want to fuck that dog, slave?"

The slave at this point is beyond caring what happens to her. All he knows is he has to lose herself into this dog and become one with HIM or he would go crazy. The slave whined and wined, nodding his head up and down. The Master smiled, knowing it was impossible for his to not want to fuck. he was turning into quite the horny slut which was useful in training his to become more and more degraded.

"Become an animal, dog slut."

The slave let out a loud howl and his cunt, released from its 'restraints' sucked the dog's cock into it's dark hole and the slave fucked the dog as if his life depended on it. his orgasm exploded inside his until he thought he would faint. The dog continued to fuck her.

"What are you, dog slut?"

"I am nothing, Master. I am a hole to be used for other's pleasure; it is what I was put on this earth for. I am a dog and a slut, master. I am nothing; I have nothing and I deserve nothing," the slave repeated dreamily and out of breath. At this point the dog came and they both fell to the ground in exhaustion.

The slave was left in the kennel for four more days. The Master would come out each day and decide which dog to take out of the kennel; usually a dog but sometimes the slave. Each day the slave would bark and wag his ass as He approached. On a day He did bring his out of the kennel he was appropriately grateful and licked his feet when He decided to pick his out to play instead of one of the other dogs. In the backyard He would throw a ball for his to chase and train his to do more tricks, rewarding his with food out of his hand each time he did well. He saw that as each day passed he became more and more docile. There was a happy glow about his and He was pleased.

When his exile was over he was brought back into the house. He bathed his to let his know all was forgiven, gave his a good meal and then locked his back into his closet.

He decided to work on his pain tolerance which was low. He wanted to teach this slut about the pleasure of pain which no one had ever taught her. It was the one thing which kept his from being a perfect slave. He also wanted to keep his mind and body busy, his nerves raw in order to ingrain what He needed to finish teaching and to 'force' his to finally submit herself totally to him. he was practically there now but not totally. For the next couple days He did not allow his to sleep. Each hour He or his slave would enter the closet and throw a glass of cold water into his face to wake his if he was sleeping. He knew lack of sleep would mentally weaken his and he would be more open to this final teaching.

On the second day He took his to the basement. The Master chained the slave spread-eagle to the wall. He positioned a dildo which was attached to an adjustable pole below his . He adjusted the height of the pole until the dildo was deep in his cunt and he was unable to maneuver it out of her. "Begin fucking that cock, cunt. When I ask you what you are you will answer with the following as you are being whipped, 'I am NOTHING without you Master!' and you will, of course, continue fucking that cock between your legs." The Master stood back for a moment and watched his slave fuck the cock inside her. He laughed at her.

"Such a whore you are. You would fuck anything wouldn't you, whore. But now, it is time for your whipping. In time you will learn to associate this pain with the pleasure between your legs."

The Master began with a light flogger which wasn't really painful but useful to take his to the edge of subspace. He then replaced the flogger with a crop and began whipping the slave's back and ass, bringing angry red welts to the surface of his skin. He asked his over and over what he was and over and over he screamed out that he was nothing without him. his shit hole rocked back and forth on the cock inside her. his screams of pain only aroused the Master further. During this session He continued whipping his without stopping until He reached fifty strokes; then He stopped.

His cock was hard from listening to his slave's cries of pain. He bent the weakened slave until his ass was sticking out from the wall. He pushed his cock into his ass finding it already wet from his juices. He is pleased to see this. He reached around with each hand and grabbed a tit and squeezed hard which elicited a moan from his slave. He then took a nipple in each hand and pinched hard as He twisted them between his fingers. This caused the slave to growl out a lusty moan and his ass tried to fuck his cock. The Master smiles, enjoying the power He had over his emotions. He released his nipples and smacked his ass hard with his hand.

"Remain still, slut! Never are you to forget you are only a fuck hole to be used for my and others pleasure. You are NEVER to move that slutty cunt of yours unless I give you permission to do so." He grabbed his nipples again and twisted them hard back and forth painfully.

"Tell me what you are, whore."

"I am only a fuck hole, Master," the slave responds with dreamy arousal.

"I didn't hear you slave," He says and He rams his cock once into his ass where He leaves it. The slave cries out in pain.

"I am only a fuck hole for others to use, Master," he responds again, louder.

"Still not loud enough, slut," He whispers into his ear, as He pulls back and rams his cock hard into his ass again while squeezing his nipples tightly.

"I am a fuck hole for others to use, Master," he moans out loudly.

Again He rams his cock once into his ass, again squeezing his nipples tightly.

"What will you always be, cunt?" He demands, pulling out and ramming his cock once again into his ass, smiling as he cries out in lust and pain.

"Oh Master, I am only a hole for others pleasures, not my own."

Half delirious, the slave suddenly cries out that he is only a fuck hole over and over again and, with animal-like abandon, begins fucking the cock inside her. his Master immediately grabs his hair and pulls his head back hard as He yanks his cock out of his ass. The slave cries out, and unable to stop herself begs HIM to fuck her.

"What a disgusting slut you are. You need a cock in you so bad that you would disobey an order. You will begin telling me, again, what you are and begging me to fuck you while I administer ten strokes from the crop across your already red ass. Then, perhaps I will fuck you.

"Master, I am nothing but a fuck hole for others to use. I beg you, Master, to please use me to pleasure yourself. I am nothing but a fuck hole for others to use. Please, I beg you to use me......"

The Master takes up the crop and begins striking his ass. The slave jumps. he feels the sting of the crop right through to his bones. Each time it strikes his he can't help but stop what he is saying as his yells rise out of his but he continues; tears from the pain, and exhaustion filling his eyes.

"That's a good fuck hole. I think I will use you now." He pushes his cock back into his ass and begins raping both of the slave's holes, first one and then the other, back and forth, harder and deeper. The slave remains still though his animal cries of lust and pain are loud. He continues to pound into her. The smell of sex reaches his nostrils and this fuels HIM to further lust.

"Tell me you love your Master, cunt. Tell me, NOW!!! Tell me you love me!

For the past few years the slave had been afraid to open herself to that vulnerable emotion again. But now with no energy to resist or to keep that wall up inside her, the slave breaks and begins to cry, telling his Master over and over that he loves him. The Master hears a change in the slave's voice He has not quite heard until now; a sound of surrender. The Master smiles.

"Without me you are NOTHING!" the Master roars as He continues to fuck his ass hole and cunt with increasing strength.

Still crying, half delirious and now in complete surrender to HIM he says with conviction, "without you, Master, I am nothing. I need you. I love you. I am nothing without you", over and over until his Master cums deep inside her.

Panting hard, He pulls his cock out of her. The slave hangs from the cuffs as limp as a wet dishrag; physically and emotionally drained. The Master unlocks his from his restraints, easing his down to the floor where He sits and rocks his in his arms, stroking his head as He speaks.

"This pain/pleasure training will continue for the next few days until your conditioning is complete. You will learn to associate pain with pleasure. And from there on out you will never feel pleasure without pain and visa versa. They both go hand in hand. There's nothing which arouses me more than seeing a slave both aroused by the pain I am causing his and watching the tears fall from the pain I am causing her. You have performed well, cunt. I am very pleased and very proud of you."

For the next few days the slave is put through this training; never allowed to sleep for long. The Master is pleased with her. He has his completely now. In addition to the conditioning He had put his slave through these past couple months, forcing his to admit he loved HIM was what put his over the edge into complete surrender to him. He had known this all along but had to get his will to weaken because He knew the wall he had built to that emotion was strong.

The End

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