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A Masters Wants

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Wants of a Master...

Demanding Master ISO
Lifetime SLAVE


This is a sample advert.
He clearly communicates his needs and expectations from a slave,
he has his interpretation of "Seeking slave as contractually owned property (to the extent possible in today's society)"

Demanding Master ISO Permanent No-Nonsense No-Bullshit Lifetime SLAVE

First thing off the bat! I am tired of dishonest 'slaves' who travel from town to town who are looking for a 24/7 babysitter. If you are a thief, don't have control of your life, aren't sure if you want to be, or to have what it takes to be a totally committed slave (where nothing else maters but subservience to your Master), then please, PLEASE, do not respond to this advert. I am going to spell this out in detail - just once. I live just outside a small town in the country. I got into town about twice a month for food and supplies. The nearest town is 72 miles away in hilly terrain and has only 14,000 people. The next lebigay (YUCK) bar is at least 300 miles away. I live a Master/slave lifestyle and have friends in this territory that also live this lifestyle. These are the only people that I, or my slaves, associate with. NO ONE ELSE! I live on 640 acres of land with horses, chickens, hogs, cows, two slaves and five dogs. Ranch life can be hard, but it is rewarding. The open sky and country air is better than crowded prissy. Phoney leather contest city any day.

If you are accepted you will not be in contact with all that crap that leather politics is full of. Your Master is HIV-, and you will be HIV- and will stay that way! I am into just about everything you can imagine - from both sides of the fence. I have a very creative mind and money is no object. I have some of the best equipment that money can buy. If you are accepted you will spend the rest of your natural life chained together by the neck, and foot to the other two slaves. You will be responsible for cleaning and shaving each other. Your sole goal and satisfaction will be to please me. If you do that you will be in total bliss. If you don't I will beat the living shit out of you in a way that you will never forget. After one year you will receive the same brand that the rest of the animals and slaves have on this ranch bare - on your chest, back, right ass cheek, right bicep, right face cheek. Before I do this I will know beyond a shadow doubt that there will be no turning back for you so that such permanent Markings would not be an embarrassment when you return to society (Ed. It is a statement of fact, not to make you or try and turn you into that calibre of slave). Among my friends these are badges of honour. You will be taken care of financially and will have full health care. With a whip I am the meanest bastard on the planet, but I also take good care of my property, as good as anyone possibly can. Again I have two slaves. I want five. 17 faggots, pussies, and leather queens have left with their tails between their legs. Can you take it ? Is a society that survives because it lives old fashion values such as truth, trust, commitment, fortitude, unflinching love what you want ? Wait one week, then read this advertisement again, then decide, is this ad for you ? If it is, then send one nude frontal photo, one nude back photo and one fully dressed photo - Not in leather, because I am not into 'leather'. I spent over 500$ on this advertisement so I mean business.

TLJ Box NS 8901 (8997), The Leather Journal,7985 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 109-568, West Hollywood, CA 90046 USA .
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