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Responsibilities: Masters Wants

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Responsibilities: Masters Wants

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Mike Mc Dade view point

Masters shop and find slaves the way they shop and find a car to drive.
They want one that meets their needs, and impresses their friends. Most don't even care what's under the hood nor whether it is front or rear-wheel drive.
I build slaves, and once built I act in the best interest of the slave, to force him to fulfil his destiny, to be professionally, socially, personally, sexually, and every other way exactly the way he was meant to be.

I can't force a man to become a slave unless he is meant to be.
If a man isn't genetically born to be a slave, he cannot be born: to me as a slave.-- Mike McDade

There is that moment where the prospective slave comes to critical mass as a total subservient as being born; this accompanied by all the drama. trauma, and emotion that is present during genetic birth. This birth occurs at a precise moment in time when it is right . The gift that the Master offers is the discovery of a condition that already exists, something that has been gestating within the slave since his first birth: absolute subservience to the will of another man.

There is a lot in society that tells us that it is bad to be subservient, that the person is lacking in motivation, not working, needs counselling - he does not conform with the norms imposed by a Judeo-Christian ethics. When you have a better understanding of SM you can see how absurd this is, it demonstrates their lack of understanding.
Those who are too young, too immature, have inadequate self-esteem or are weak-willed will never achieve their true destiny: Slavery.
That is why most settle for the performance kind of slavery, the weekend version of it. It requires much less of the man, it is more like a recreation, it can be turned on or off, there is a place for this kind of role play.

Beyond all the myths, fantasies and misunderstandings about slavery, there is a real, spiritual, worthwhile legitimate and achievable existence for those who arc qualified. True and legitimate slavery isn't about being kidnapped in the night, kept under a rock and brought out to sexually service a Master from time to time. Anyone who believes it can happen that way will also spend his life running after every rainbow for the pot of slave gold at the end; a wasted, if not dangerous activity for the true slave."

As the slave enters the development cycle with his Master, he is given a set of principles that he has to live by, and as with any list of commandments, there is always one that stands out as more important than the others, in this case it is the need to obey.
"There is nothing more important then the principal of obedience. A slave focuses only on obedience. Everything else is the result of that obedience. The slave's only concern and his only responsibility and his only right is to obey. If a slave thinks about the impact of what he does, he is thinking about something that is none of his business. When a slave only obeys, then he can serve perfectly, please completely, and love unrestrained."

The actual acts of SM, dungeon activities, is like the physical nourishment of the slave. SM is not used to either punish or reward, rather SM is the means by which the slaves are empowered to give their lives over to total slavery.
It is important to note here that the Master should only act in the best interests of the slave, this is a solemn vow he makes to himself as he takes on each individual development project. Though the actual path the slave will take is not always obvious at the outset of the development program, the Master has a permanent obligation to the slave to make sure the slave not only becomes the best slave possible but that he lives the most fulfilling life possible within that newly discovered slavery.

The above was paraphrased from an interview with SLAVEMASTER, Mike Mc Dade that is covered in fuller detail in issue 90 or The Leather Journal, March 97.
SLAVEMASTER's pending publication Playing By the Rules will be out shortly under the Colony Press label. The book will assist those men who wish to improve their slave skills. In MeDade's words, "Doing it right can safely enhance the Leather Sex experience and deepen the rewards of Master slave play."

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