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This section is for news and reviews. However as TheDoghouse is changing and becoming more dynamic most of the reviews will becoming from the many contributors to TheDoghouse. This allows news and reviews to be posted from far and wide.

This will allow you to post news of what is happing in your area so the search engine can pick up what of interest to you.

Currently the method is a little show, you post to me a text or word document of around 500 words or so with some pics if required to illustrate the article. I will then add it to this section. Or you add it to the members articles section.

This for the most part is about up and coming Events near you.
This is reviews of products and events that are interest to members.
This Section is a Work in progress.
The Doghouse is about due to a make over.
Applying fixes and features here and there is quite different to a re-write of a site.

Thanks also to the efforts of bondageboyhk (with the world travel pass) for his many contributions.

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