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pigs train journey

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Pig is sat on a train going into Manchester. No-one is sat next to him; people would rather stand than be near him.

His head is shaved raw, and his face is enhanced with piercings in his septum, chin and between his eyebrows. But it’s not the bald head and piercings putting people off – pig has been instructed to visit his Rubber Master for further training into the ultimate 24/7 life in rubber. His Master has instructed him to wear his training gear on the journey to his cellar to get hot, sweaty and stinking.

Pig is in a one-piece rubber suit with a three-way zip. Pigs arse is greased ready for his Bosses fist, if he’s lucky enough. Over the one-piece, pigs got a pair of leather biker jeans and an MA1 jacket zipped to the neck. His 14 hole black rangers pulled over the leather jeans are laced tightly with white laces to make the size of the boots stand out more.

Pig is not allowed to wear his normal cloths at all after the sessions, he has to keep his piss, gob, and cum stained rubber gear on at all times, his Boss leading him further into a life of stinking rubber. His last session was with pig tubed up to a load of urinals then fucked wearing his rubber suit until it was rank and filthy. The more pig sits in the crowed stuffy carriage the more he sweats in his layers of rubber and leather. The stink of piss and gob begins to seep into the carriage as pigs sweats more panicking at his humiliation situation – hoping the passengers think its coming from the loo he sat next to when he sat on the train. Pig checks by his boots for his sports bag. Mentally going through the instructions his Rubber Master gave him double-checking that he has included all the gear his Master told him to pack. He was also told that his Master had some new equipment in his cell that he was going to spend the week testing on pig. Pigs shaved dick throbs with excitement and anticipation, his hand goes down and rubs it through the sweaty rubber and leather "fuck it", he thinks "they think I’m a freak anyway, let them watch me.."

When pig finally reaches the Manchester station he grabs his bag, chucks it over his shoulder and sets off down the platform. Waiting for him at the end of the platform is his Rubber Master. He also has a totally shaved head, his eyebrows are much darker than pigs, but he also has a septum piercing through his nose.

He looks perverted, dressed in a full rubber suit, with a pair of khaki overalls, leather jacket and a workman’s waistcoat over the gear. On his feet he’s wearing a pair of black Century waders turned down and looking like he’s spent weeks down the sewers.

Pig walks up to his Rubber Master, drops his bag and gets down on his knees. He acts as if he’s tightening one of his bootlaces, but he knows that he must always get on all fours when he meets his Master wherever he is. His Master doesn’t even look at him – he stares at the other passengers who walk past the strange scene and lights cigarette. Pig is left on his knees feeling the passengers eyes burning into the back of his neck, but his Master does nothing, just stands above him sucking on the fag in his mouth and stroking his knob through his rubber suit. Just then he pulls out a pair of tit clamps, He finishes the fag and reaches down making sure that pig’s tits is are clamped real tight. Then he turns to pig’s head – opens it’s mouth and gobs in it. He then gives pig a kick saying "come pig I’ve got a hood full of my gob for you".

Pig climbs to his feet and his Master places a hand on the back of his neck and guides him out the station. Pig is taken to the car park at the rear. In the distance he can see his Masters truck parked away from any other vehicles. They both walk towards it and his Master opens the back doors and orders pig to get in. Pig climbs in and shoves his bag in a corner. He turns to pig and tells him to "remove all your clothes pig, get down to your rubber". Pig undoes his rangers and pulls off his leather jeans, he smells rank, like some dirty urinal, but he undoes his jacket and exposes his sweaty filth suit. "Boots back on pig, gob in the hood and put it on". Pig was expecting this, so he pulled the boots quickly over his rubber suit pulling the laces tight, then wrapping them round his calf and knotting them. He then grabs his bag and unzips a side pocket pulling out a thick rubber hood with eye nose and mouth holes – rolling it up slightly he positions it over his mouth and gobs a mouth full of thick gob into it. Just then he could feel a really big butt plug being forced into his cunt “Fuck that’s hurting”, “ALL my pigs have to be plugged 24/7 so their cunts are ready for me to fuck when even I want”. “Yes SIR” and with that he rolls the gob filled hood over his head and pulls the black rubber down over his raw scalp and down to his neck. This was how he would be for the next week. Masked, stinking, de-humanised, perverted, sick, filthy pig.

The journey in the truck was uneventful apart from pig becoming increasingly hot and unnerved about what was going to happen to him in his Masters cellar. He sits there thinking about what kind of situation he was in. What would happen to him if a car crashed into them – imagine the rescue team finding him like this – it terrified him to think about it, but he also had a massive hard on all the time. His knob knew he was meant to be a pig.

The truck finally stops and turns up a drive. Pig knows they will be pulling into the garage any minute now. Next, the truck doors open and his Master tells pig to climb out. Pig is in a large garage, at the corner is a trapdoor with a light shining from it.

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