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Chapitre I : "L'enlèvement..."

I took Bull and Pig to the supermarket so that they could recognise the young guy I'd decided to kidnap. He worked as a shelf-stacker and was the sexiest piece of juicer I'd seen in a long time - he needed breaking. I'd seen him a couple of times, he always ignored me, but I could tell he knew what I was after. We found him in the dog food section, he'd just had his head shaved, was wearing 501's and the sleeves of his store jacket rolled up showing off his biceps. I nudged Bull and nodded in the kid's direction and turned to get Pig to look at him too. When we were all three staring at him he turned in our direction, looking straight at me. I dropped my right hand down to my meat, squeezing my rod and grinned at him. He looked down at my meat and started to go red. I squeezed my meat more and said: "Hi Mate !" He sorted grunted by way of reply.

We walked out of the store and got in the cab of my Chevvy Ute. "So guys, that's the fucker we're goner snatch, what do you think ?" Pig moaned, rubbing his leather covered crotch:- "He's fucking cute Cock Ring, let's hang about until he quits and then follow him and work out how we can get him." Bull added:- "Jeez, he's going to be great fun - just think of that handsome face impaled on my cock." We was all rubbing ourselves just thinking of the fun ahead. I drove the Ute round the back of the store and parked where we could watch the staff entrance. Bull opened three beers and we sipped and smoked, watching carefully. It was about 8-45 and the store closed at 9 o'clock, so we reckoned we'd got about 20 minutes to wait. A delivery driver swung down from the cab of his big Artic, turned towards us and pissed his load, looking straight at us as he did. He started shaking his prick about, spraying his piss on the front wheel of his truck. I flashed the lights and he grinned.

I snorted some poppers and handed the bottle round, I moaned as the stuff did its job, squeezing my balls hard through my denim crotch. I lifted a cheek of my ass and farted hard, feeling a warm gob of shit spurt out. Bull slid his hand between my legs, stuck two fingers through the slit in my jeans and slid the shit round my hole. I took another snort and said:- Stick me with the butt." Bull felt in the pockets of his biker jacket:- I ain't got it mate, Hey Pig, have you got the butt plug ?" "Yeah man, I've got it all right, safe, sound and warm." He snorted more poppers and raised his legs so that his boots were resting on the dash board. He put his hand down to his ass and moaned as he turned the plug in his hole. He moaned again as he pushed hard to force the plug out. He pushed harder and harder, let out a volcanic fart, and we laughed as we heard the spurt of shit land on the cab floor. Bull grabbed the plug, stuck it between my legs I put my hand on top of Bull's, lifted myself up and pushed the plug hard up my hole. The guys cheered, as I stretched out, the plug was firm up my ass and I snorted more poppers and slowly turned the butt plug as we waited for the fucker to quit and come out of the store. One of the guys opened more beers and we all carried on sipping.

Bull lifted himself off the bench seat in the cab and opened his 501's, carefully pulling out his swollen meat; mighty dick and colossal balls. He got hold of his dick, pointed it upwards and launched a thick jet of piss to the roof of the cab. We laughed, dripping as his piss cascaded down on us when Pig cried out:- "There he is guys, there's the fucker - shit guys, feast your eyes on that juicer!"

The juicer was wearing a biker's jacket and carrying a black helmet. He'd changed the 501's he'd been wearing in the store and put on a pair with a worn out crotch. I flashed the lights of the Ute and he turned. Pig swung out of the cab and waved to him and I flashed the lights again. He turned to face us, leaning back against his bike, his right hand stuck in the pocket of his jeans. His face was sullen and exciting under the cap. Bull said:- Doesn't look like that fucker needs kidnapping Cock Ring, looks like he's hot and ready." "Yeah !" I murmured, - "I'll go chat the fucker up." I swung out of the cab, feeling the plug settle further up my ass as I started to walk. Pig joined me and we swaggered over towards the young fucker. We were both standing in front of him, real close, in the darkened parking and I moved so his left thigh was between my legs. He looked up and me and said:- "I thought you'd be waiting guys, my name's Paul. Are we going to get it on or what?" Cocky fucker I thought; I squeezed his thigh between my legs and started to piss by way of reply. He pushed his leg hard against mine and my piss was soon staining the denim of his leg. His hand went deeper into his pocket, stroking and pulling on his dick. "OK, Paul, I'm Cock Ring and this here is Pig. Let Pig drive your bike and you come and join me and my other mate in the Ute. We'll fucking get it on all right. He passed his keys and helmet to Pig and followed me back to the Ute. I sucked the plug deeper up my ass in anticipation.

I opened the driver's door and Paul climbed in. Bull was sitting on the passenger side, his meat still out after the piss shower. He'd got hard, and this was the first view Paul had of Bull. His beautiful dick, hard in his fist, his balls hanging out of the torn crotch of his 501's, waiting, inviting, tempting. Paul slid across the bench seat towards Bull and I pulled myself in behind the wheel. "Bull, this is the fucker we were looking for, his name is Paul, but I think we'll call him Fuck Bait!". Fuck Bait, this is my other mate Bull. Bull passed the poppers to the kid and he took a deep snort.

I started the Ute, put it in drive and moved off checking that Pig was OK on Fuck Bait's bike. Pig looked great, his leather clad thighs holding the CX 500 firmly as he swung after us.

"Open my jeans kid !" - I barked. Fuck Bait's hands went into overtime, undoing my belt, carefully unbuttoning the flies of my 501's. I lifted my ass and he pulled my jeans down a bit, and put his hand in my wet and greasy crotch. My meat was threaded through a cock-ring, my balls bound by a tight leather strap and my prick encased in a piss-soaked leather sheath. He gently eased the whole stinking pile out, sniffed and gasped:- "Shit man, you're ripe." "Light me a cigarette kid." He did, put the cigarette in my gob and lowered his head towards my meat. I started to dribble piss out of my cock and started to order the juicer around. "Lick the inside of the sheath kid, taste the stale piss and years of grease. That's going to be yer rations kid, get fucking used to it." He moaned as he slid his tongue inside the sheath, trying not to touch the sides of my dick; he was like a cat, lapping at the piss-grease that lined the sheath. Bull pulled him up off my meat and opened up the kid's jeans and pushed them down to his knees, his meat out. Fuck Bait slid out of his biker jacket and dropped it on to the floor of the cab. He ripped off his sweat shirt:- "Der yer think my cock's OK for you guys ?"


The kid's dick was a good 8 incher, and it was pierced with an open steel ring. He held the root of his dick in his right hand and ran the fingers of his left up the side of his hardening shaft. Both Bull and me put out hands on his hard thighs, rubbing the muscles. "It looks OK son, why don't yer show us if it works." He nuzzled up to me on the bench seat, Bull moved closer too, and as we drove down the N4, he slowly wanked himself off. From time to time, he let go his cock and twisted the steel ring round and round through the head of his meat, moaning and shuddering as he did so. We were just pulling up in front of my house when he arched his ass off the seat and shot his load. The first gush splattered on to the windshield and then he pumped the rest out on the back of our hands.

Both Bull and me put our hands on Fuck Bait's cock, rubbing the drooling cum round his meat, turning the steel ring back and forth through his meat head. He breathed out as our hands got more and more rough, pounding, pulling and squeezing his young cock; twisting and twisting the steel ring back and forth. He started whimpering with the pain we were causing him and he said quietly in my ear:- "Will you hurt me a lot Cock Ring ?" - "Don't worry son, we'll take real good care of you, we know what you want..." I put my hand behind his head and pushed his face to my nipple. His lips brushed the steel ring piercing my left nipple. "suck son, you're in good hands now." He sucked...

Chapter 2 : The Fuck Up

Fuck Bait pulled up his 501's whilst Bull got out and went to open the garage. I drove the Ute inside and as Bull was closing the first door, Pig drove up on Fuck Bait's bike. He swerved in round the Ute and Bull closed and locked the doors. We went into the house and tramped upstairs to the kitchen. Pig got a case of beer from the cupboard and we went down the steep steps into the cellar. I told the kid to strip which he did, and then replaced his boots. I went over to the bench and started rummaging through my gear, finding what I was looking for: a thick neck strap with hanging hooks on either side.

I told Fuck Bait to kneel in front of me and I fastened the strap round his neck. Bull and Pig then lifted him up and I pulled down the chains through the block and pulley bolted to the ceiling and attached the big steel hooks to the eyes on either side of Fuck Bait's neck strap. I checked the kid was OK and then slowly hauled on the chain until he was pulled up towards the ceiling. I raised him until his boots were just touching the floor and order Bull to cuff his wrists behind his back. Pig was putting shackles round his ankles and chained each leg to the big steel rings set into the concrete floor. I went back to the bench looking for a tit chain and snarled at Fuck Bait:- "Hey son, what weight can yer tits take?" He was silent, so I put my fingers through the strap below his chin and yanked his head downwards; "Answer me boy..." "A lot Sir, please a lot Sir !"

I found a long thick chain and attached the crocodile clips to each of the juicer's tit rings. I held the chain in my hand and started to pull on his rings. He started to moan and I pulled harder, he moaned the more and then I let go of the heavy chain and it fell to the root of his dick, tearing at his nipples. He screamed.


Bull and Pig had both stripped off and were flexing themselves up. Big muscles stretching and glistening as they oiled each other. "Get some whipping on the kid's back and ass guys". I laughed as I watched my two big mates strut around showing off their bodies. I was getting hard and cupped my meat in my big fist. I sat down in front of Fuck Bait on the leather swing seat.

Pig put his leathers chaps back on and both he and Bull stood on either side of Fuck Bait and started gently lashing his back with a couple of whips. I opened a beer and watched as the kid's body jerked and flexed as the leather thongs slapped into his back and ass. I got hold of my plug and started to turn it in my ass. With my other hand I started playing with the chain clipped to my own tit rings. "Hey guys, use them fucking big muscles more, the fucking kid's thinks he's having a fucking massage." I laughed as my guys increased the force behind their lashing, and the heavy thwacking noise filled the cellar as the leather bit into the kid's back and ass. Both guys was getting real hard now and looking at the pricks I turned the butt round and round, pulling it almost out and then letting my ass muscles suck the big butt back up my gut. Pig's cock was a sight to behold. I reached for the poppers in my biker jacket and took a few long snorts. I pushed on the butt, almost out, and then relaxed letting the butt shoot back up my gut.

Pig's 11 incher was heavily pierced, a ring through his meat head like the kid's, a couple of steel rings pierced through the bottom of his cock root. He lay down his whip, came over the get a beer and swing his meat in front of my face, putting one leg between mine. I snorted again and took his ringed cock in my gob. His cock filled my mouth and hardened until the head was pushing against the back of my throat, His hand pushed mine off the plug and he took over the job of fucking the long butt in and out of my hungry hole. Suddenly, he pulled the butt out of my ass, saying "Get up off yer fucking ass man and start on the kid's meat."

As the butt came out of my ass, I shit a big load into my jeans. I rubbed the shit into the denim and stood up, pissing my load down my leg as I did so. I opened up my 501's and lifted out my sheathed, dripping and stinking meat. I undid my boots, took my jeans off, and replaced my boots. I walked round behind the kid, admiring the red wheals on his back and ass. "Let's have a beer guys," I said, fondling the kid's raw ass and rubbing my hands round all the meat surrounding me.

Pig took off the kid's tit chain, got hold of him and started sucking on his left nip. Bull and I drank our beers and after a while he put his hand on my shoulder, signalling he was about to piss. I knelt down with my shaved head under his heavy, hard meat and he pissed on my head, I raised my head and took his pissing cock in my gob, opened my throat and let his piss flood directly into my gut.

Pig and Fuck Bait was both getting real hot as their pierced meats rubbed against each other's as Pig continued to suck the kid's raw nips, first one and then the other. Bull had finished pissing and his cock was getting hard again in my throat. I moved my head and his rod slid easily down my throat into my gut. Someone's fingers, three or four of them, slid up my ass, then transformed into a fist.

I was now rock hard and ready for the kid's gob.


Chapter 3 : The Cock Up

Bull and Pig got the kid down from the shackles and forced him to kneel in front of me. I grabbed hold of his ears and pulled his head forward, his gob opening as I did so. The head of my dick was sticking out of the sheath and his lips closed round the dick head, his tongue licking all round the head and darting in and out of my piss hole. The sheath was riding up the shaft of my cock. I yanked his head off my prick, took the sheath off, and rammed by big rod back in his gob. I smashed it against the back of his throat and he started to gag. I pulled back a bit and rammed by rod past the back of his throat and he threw up. I could feel his puke flooding round my cock and rammed harder down into his gut. Puke was spurting out of his nostrils and dripping out of his gob, coating my balls in his slime.

He started to writhe about and Pig put his hand on my shoulder and told me to ease off. I pulled my dick out of the kid's gob and he fell forward, spewing up puke and gasping for air. His body was jerking in spasms as he fought to get air into his lungs, and still the puke spewed out of him

Bull got hold of him under his arm pits and gently raised him up. He coughed, spat out a big gob of puke and slowly started to breathe more easily.

He gasped:- " Sorry Sir, please forgive me Sir, but I've never sucked such a big one Sir. Can I try again Sir, please ?"

I rubbed his head and nuzzled my cock against his cheek. "Sure kid, when the head gets to the back of your throat you should swallow it, so that you don't throw up. Have yer swallowed before ?" He panted some more, dropping his head and then gasped:- " No Sir, I've only sucked."

"Let's show him Bull and give him a beer to clean out his gob." Bull brought the kid a beer, which he drank greedily and I got down on my knees in front of Bull's 13 incher. I grabbed his balls with one hand and his rod with the other and stuck the dick in my gob until the head was pushing against the back of my throat. Fuck Bait was watching and Bull was giving a running commentary. " OK kid, my cock's now at the back of Cock Ring's throat, so I ease off a bit until I feel Cock Ring's throat relax and open. All Cock Ring does is swallow the head and then the muscles in his throat pull my rod down into his throat. Aaagh, there it goes kid, just a gentle push from me and I'm all the way in. Now I let Cock Ring relax and let him start the action. He's had lots of practice at this and he can use his throat to jerk-off any cock in his gob."


Bull's cock was deep in my throat and my lips were at the root, my nose in his pubes. I was breathing through my nose, the air rich with Bull's man scent. I heard Bull saying how good I was, so I started flexing my throat muscles, tight, slack, tight again and slack again. Bull's cock was pulsing with blood as my throat alternately squeezed and then loosened round his rod. He started moaning and rubbing my head; his sign he was about to shoot. I relaxed my throat, pumping his balls with both my hands, I felt his balls buzz and bingo, he shot.

His cum filled my throat and started to back up into my gob. I took a deep breath through my nose and the cum was rising and rising until it flooded my nostrils and started spewing out of my nose into his pubes. I rubbed his cum round his balls and I pumped and pumped to get all his juice out of him and into me.

I stood up, cum dripping off my face, "That's how it's done kid, you wanna give it another try?"

"Oh yes Sir, teach me Sir !"

"OK kid, come here and kneel in your own puke, only don't fuck up this time."

He knelt in front of my and took my cock in his gob. I was at the back of his gob and I stopped pushing, "OK kid, now get used to my dick head resting against the back of your gob. Relax, and when you are ready, imagine you're swallowing a mouthful of beer, relax boy and swallow me in."

I could feel him trying, the hole at the back of his gob relaxed and my head slid a bit further in, the hole tensed again, so I eased off, not pushing but not pulling back either. I rubbed his head gently and told him to relax. His throat relaxed a bit more and my dick-head slid further into his spit-lined gob hole. Slowly, slowly the head was completely in and I rubbed his head more and held the position. I told him to breathe deeply through his nose and then he relaxed again and his nose hit my root hairs. I was all the way in and no puke. The kid was pleased with himself as he moaned and put his hands round my hips. He was obviously a good learner and soon I could feel his throat pulsing and squeezing my thick rod. I guided his hands back from round my hips to my balls, where he immediately started pumping my big lemons. Soon, I could feel my juice rising, got hold of his ears and shot my load. He took a deep breathe, like he'd seen me do with Bull, and soon my cum was spewing out of his nose. He rubbed my juice round my balls, again like he'd seen me do with Bull's cum load.

I pulled him off my cock, raised him up and kissed him, licking my tongue round the inside of his gob and sticking my tongue up his nostrils, licking my cum out of his holes. I hugged his hard body, kissed him and kissed him, out tongues lashing at each other. "That was good kid."

I spat a mouthful of slime into his face and snarled:- "OK Fuck Bait, I wanna make sure that wasn't just a one off. Get back on your knees and get more practice with the other guys."

Pig pushed the kid to his knees again and fucked his gob. I knelt down on my hands and knees and started chewing the kid's meat. I yelled out to Bull:- "Hey mate, give us a good dogging' whilst I chew this sucker's meat." I returned to my meal, biting the kid's rod and balls leaving I hoped, bite marks that would last. The kid was struggling with Pig's 11 incher or I'm sure he would have screamed his fuckin' head off. Bull mounted me dog-style, holding my meat in his fists and fucked my ass. My hands were skidding about in the kids puke and I got the lips of his piss-slit between my teeth and bit hard, not quite biting through the flesh, but almost. Bull was now pounding away, his mighty cock filling my gut, then he cum. He let out his favourite cum-grunt and almost immediately afterwards Pig did the same.


I stood up, grabbed the kid's head and wiped the puke off my hands on to his bristle head. Cum was dribbling out of his mouth and nose; he was a right mess.

I slapped him hard across the face and forced him back on his knees. "Now try a different flavour, Bull's next and his is the biggest you'll get today, it's covered in shit, my shit, so you make sure you pleasure him good.

Bull sank his meat into the kid's gob and it slid right down, no problem. The kid was a natural born sucker. Bull's cock was a 13 incher and soon the kid's lips were pressed into Bull's root pubes, his eyes bulging. His hands were working on Bull's balls, just like we'd taught him and soon, Bull's giant frame rocked with cum-spasms as he shot his second load in an hour. Bull's balls never ran dry !

We took a break, drank some beers and smoked. The kid was cradling his meat, trying to make the pain go away. "OK guys, it seems the kid's gob works, now let's work on another hole. What about 2 strokes each ?"

Pig and Bull laughed at me and Pig said:- No way mate, if we give him six each, he'll just be getting used to one cock and it'll hurt him more if we change after six."

I liked the logic of that idea and we agreed on six. Six fucks from each of us in turn, until cum-time.

Pig handcuffed the kid's wrists to the workbench, smacked his legs straight so that his body was at 90 degrees, his ass waiting for us, just right at meat-level.

Pig went first, slid two fingers up the kid's ass, then zap, his cock was in. He took it slow and the kid was soon groaning and moaning as Pig mounted him all the way. Bull and me counted out his six strokes and then we pulled him off. I went next, shafting my rod up the slimy hole. I pulled out after my six and Bull took my place. We did four sets each and then decided each of us would stay in fuckin' 'til we cum. Pig went first on the cum-fuck and he only lasted four strokes before he shot his load. He stayed on the kid's ass, pumping his juice load and Bull and me pumped his giant balls to help him. He finally pulled off and I took his place. It only took me two strokes and I shot the fuckin' lot. Bull pulled my shoulders and hurled me to one side, he was fuck-mad. He sank his meat in up to the hilt and grunted. Pig started licking me as Bull thumped and thumped his meat up the kid's hole. Eleven strokes he took before he cum, but then, he'd already shot his load twice in the last hour.


When we'd finished, we undid the cuffs round the kid's wrists and strung him up again to the roof by his neck-strap. I put the heavy chain back on his tits and we rough-wanked him. All three of us beating the shit out of the kid's meat. His cock was bleeding where the steel ring went through the head of his meat and this stirred us on even more. His body was thrashing about as he hung from the chains, out fists wanking, slapping and beating him in our frenzy. After about thirty agonising minutes, he shot ! The cum shot out of his cock, all the way across the cellar, the first spurt hitting the wall and the second too. Then the cum slowed a bit, it just pumped rhythmically out of his young balls. I got my gob round his balls, and sucked them hard, milking the last drop out of his tortured body.

We left the kid hanging there and all three of us lay down on the big mattress in the corner, our bodies wrapped around each other. We drank beers, smoked and pissed on each other as we lay there relaxing after our strenuous work. I shit a big load on to the mattress and started throwing handfuls of my dung at the other guys. We were all quite smashed and Bull went to get another case of beer. Pig was rubbing my shit all round his meat, laughing like a kid. We all felt great, and when Bull came back with the beer, he straddled Pig's chest and shit his load directly on to his mate. We were having a ball. I said to the guys:- "Let's bring the kid down and give him some beers too. Hey guys, what der yer think ?"

Pig got up, bits of shit dropping off him, I joined him and together he unshackled the kid and lifted him down. He was a bit shaky and OK. He lay in the crook of my arm, one leg lying between mine. "So Fuck Bait, what der yer think ?"

He was sucking on my right tit as I asked him this, with a beer in his other hand. He took a gulp on his bottle and said:- "Sir, do you think I'm good enough to serve you all the time ?"

By way of reply, I put my hand behind his head and pushed his face into the shit still clinging to Pig's chest. He licked at the shit, got a gob of shit on to his tongue, took his tongue into his mouth, ran his tongue round the inside of his gob, swallowed, and waited for my reply.

I looked at Bull and then at Pig, they both looked at each other and then both nodded.

"You'll belong to all three of us, not just me. Anything, anything at all, that any of us wants you to do, you do, without question. Is that clear ?"

Paul raised himself up a bit, kissed the head of Pig's cock, then Bull's and finally mine.

"Yes Sirs !"


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