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This slaves needs training bad, lead me to the academy...

Butchmanns Academy

A slave is an individual born with a slave spirit. No one can make an individual have this spirit; nothing can be done to create this state in an individual’s being. No one trying hard or wishing for this sense of spirit can develop it within themselves and no Master can cause it to occur.

They have a Newsletter that you really ought to read.

1870 Palm Springs, CA 92263,USA
Tel:  + 1 760 327-2423

We’re in Palm Springs and on a new -acre property built in 1993. The new dungeon is about 2,000 square feet with 11-foot ceilings. The new barracks is much larger, so we’ve increased our class size to a maximum of 15. The barracks has bathroom and shower
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The  leading SM Academy in the USA. A place to learn just about anything in SM and to develop your life skills in SM, Mastery, Dominance, slavery or submission.


This is a list of the Training


Eagle Leather in Melbourne, Australia

A new resource is the  PUP DVD. 
It first screened in Australia during the Melbourne Queer Film Festival in February, and will be screened again twice during the Melbourne Leather Festival between 1-24th September 2006. 
The film runs for about 21 minutes, was made in 2005, is of high quality, and can be explored and purchased online from USA at:

Eagle Leather is trying (again!) to generate more interest in human K9s through a seminar called 'Adventures in BDSM', which also explores pony training, outdoor BDSM games and humour.  Hopefully between that and the screening of PUP later in the year we will have more success.

Your attendance, thoughts and opinions are most welcome.

For more information please contact Brian at
Eagle Leather


Well sadly there are as good as no others that we know of.

See Pony Clubs about clubs in Europe

There are sex-play-venues, that are orientated towards meeting your fantasies. Care is needed when using the word "Training", is there any transfer of skills ? 
Being used as an animal may well satisfy inner needs, but are you taught anything?

There are places such as the Other World Kingdom (more hetro pony) in Europe, there are places in Europe that have DogSlave nights.
This is partly due to the high cost of land in Europe compared to America and legal issues in some of the countries. For example in the UK  the cost of land would mean that it was not viable,  the Spanner Case would mean that no 'SM' could  occur there and however kinky the Brits are, the laws are out of phase with the demand, hypocrisy is another word for it, but that is how you know you are in the UK.

If you know of others then PLEASE email me and tell me all about them and I will list them here.

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