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Well I don't know what happened to these people. They produced a catalogue of fine wooden SM furniture, but they seem to have long stopped trading. They were based in San Francisco, but the magazine was horny in its own right. The pictures here are a collection of what was in one of their earlier publications. The dress sense in the pictures gives you an idea that the publication was old when I got it.

These pictures might give you some ideas of what to make in your local woodworking class.

If there are any Suppliers that are interested in making this stuff, please contact the doghouse, if the original company are still going, then I would be very keen to contact them.


Wooden dog Cagewooden dog cage

This is a wooded dog cage, and allow the dog to be help for long periods.

Steel Cage Makers

Tower of PowerTower of Power

This like the male equivalent of 'Riding and Iron Horse', it offers a small padded perch for the buttons to sit on, maybe some four inches by two inches. This is wide enough for the centre to hold in place a Butt Plug. The slave has the tip inserted into his ass and then the 'supporting' column is adjusted till the slave is on his toes. He feet are secured so there is no risk of escape, just the inevitable.

Also see Impalation


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