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Convincing Dog

It is a lot easier to train your slave on on one, however a lot can be gained from working two dogs together.

You also assume that the pups get on and work well together, they can give the Master more, they can 'amuse' themselves when Master is not around, they can help each other through heavier limits and lick each others wounds.

Some example training objectives for the pups include:


Intuitive interaction ^
So we come to the point where the slaves behaviour is intuitive, which mean that he is so well training that the correct behaviour just comes naturally to him. Flowing on from this he is so familiar with the required performance expect by his Owner that it just happens that way.


It is important that the slave works well in public. He may suffer from a few common problems:

  • Trying too hard -
    This tends to make the response less fluid and at worst 'over acted', better to be 'under acted' and perfect.

  • Stage Fright -
    This is where all his training is not expressed as he seems to just freeze up.
    Part of this can be a confidence thing. However hard a Master may tell his slave that he is doing good, the slave might have poor inner confidence. So as will Confidence building in general, take small steps.

Fucking each other Doggy style ^

Seeing your slaves inter play with each other is rewarding. I like to see them sniffing and licking each others butts, seeing them fuck each other the way Master wants in.
Some of this was nicely expressed in Spikes accounts of life down on the farm where Master training their dogs as fighting animals. This is where you can see them freely expressing their animal side together. I still remember the moment when I came in to the room one morning to see two of my slaves curled up together on a big (custom) dog bed, both butt naked, both collared, close together for warmth and comfort, even though it was a warm night.


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