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Another RedRight Original..

Toilet Training:
An Introduction

By Puddles Portalet (1999)


Here I am tied down in a box. I am in my master's buddy's house. In the basement. My hands are duct taped to my cock. My balls are stretched and hooked up to a sack of sharp needles connected to a wire that leads outside of the box. My master's buddy already pulled on it to let me know how painful those needles are.

I am strapped down to the bottom of the box by leather straps. all I can move is my hands and my jaw. My forehead is even strapped down to the box. My head is covered by a plastic cone opening to the top of the box. A small piece of tube is hanging over to the side of my mouth. My master told me I was going to serve my masters buddy for the weekend, and that I was to make him proud, or else.

My stomach rumbles uncomfortably. I have not been allowed to eat since breakfast yesterday. I was given a thorough high-colonic before I was made to lie down in the box. I was filled and emptied three times to be sure I was empty from end to end. I am starving and quite nervous. Master has never lent me out to anyone before. Master's buddy was quite brutal. Grunting commands at me to make me move or position myself as he wanted. Despite it all, I was hard.

Soon, I begin to hear voices. Distant, like upstairs. Foot falls of booted men. Master's buddy's slave scurrying in chains across the floors. I could smell food. My stomach cried out. It quieted while they ate. Mumbled conversation. Then I could hear them finishing at last. The sounds of chairs and foot falls again.

The basement door opened up. I could here many men filing down into this basement play room. A light went on and I could see an oval shaped light around my head. A panel closed over my face. "Is that the surprise, you told us about, Jack?" I heard one man say.

"Yeah, that's our highlight for the weekend, guys."

I could hear "Jack's" slave being strung up for punishment. Whips in the air and the gasps and moans as they where flogged for errors in serving the meal. It sounded like they where taking turns on each of his two boys. Then I heard someone ask, "Does this work?"

"Yeah, try it out. It shouldn't spoil anything."

I could here the guy next to my box undo his fly and sigh. Then piss splashing in a urinal. A second later the tube next to my mouth twitched and started flooding my face with hot piss! I opened my mouth and swallow the acrid urine. Master had trained me to be grateful to accept this gift from a master. I could lift my lips to the tube and drain the last of the piss coming from the urinal.

The whipping stopped and the boys let down. Then I could hear the master of the house approach my box. The lid above me was lifted and light flooded in. I could see that it was a toilet seat above my face. I looked to the tube and back up. "Oh, No!" I cried.

"Shut up, scum!" He spat onto my face. "You know better than to speak." He looked back at the crowd. Faces peered over the lip to see if I was really in here. "gentlemen, you will indulge me to go first. Please feel free to use my other slaves as you please. Then avail yourself of this unique toy as it becomes available."

He looked down at me. "Hungry, Boy?" he grinned, knowing I was starving. "Well, look out! It's dinner time for the scum hole!"

With that he unbuckled his chaps and pants. I struggled looking for a way to avoid this. I could drink piss. But... this?

His ass lowered slowly to the seat. His cheeks spread apart by the rim. His cock rested in a scoop at the front. Over my eyes. It seemed to lead to a bottle. The box became a little darker again as his body covered the hole. His stinking hole was a few inches away from my lips. He moved forward a little and I felt my head being jack up to his butthole. "Put you lips up to my shitter and kiss it in gratitude for the meal your going to get from it." Not wanting to disappoint my master, I did as I was told. His hole was a little puckered and was moist a little. It stank like shit already. Like he hadn't wiped last time. I kissed his hole and pulled my lips back. "No boy, give that hole some loving. Slip it some tongue."

I put my lips to his shitty hole again and stuck out my tongue. Which sank into his opening hole. It tasted bitter and rank. Like rimming someone who hadn't cleaned. Something master liked doing a lot lately. Now I understood why. "Good. Now lick my hole clean. Boy. I want your dinner spot to be tidy."

I tongued his hole. It tasted awful. I gagged a little and he pushed down some more. His hole opened and there was more to clean. I pulled back to take a breath and he farted. It smelled like ripe shit. Powerful. I put my lips to his hole again and stuck my tongue into his shitter. My tongue sank into hot, wet, soft, shit. I quickly pulled back and he moaned and my mouth was filled, cheeks full, with his steaming shit load. He laughed and looked between his legs to my eyes. "Chew on my hot shit, fucker. You are just my fucking toilet. Swallow my turd pile, scum."

My eyes watered with tears as I chewed and tried to swallow his shit. He looked mean at me. Like I had better not throw it up. Finally. I managed to gag his load down. Shit hung, wet, off his hole. I licked it up and his hole opened again. This time it was firmer and it came out in a steady loop of turd. I swallow quickly trying get it out of my mouth at least. I gagged a few times and my mouth filled up with my cheeks puffed out with his shit. Finally, the shit stopped. I chewed while he lifted up to watch. When I was done he made me lick his ass clean again. He stood up to cheers from the other men. "Remember, to flush the toilet, when you are through, guys." With that he released the piss in the bottle his cock hung into onto my face, I gulped up as much as I could to wash the taste of the shit that coated my hole inside of my mouth.

I discovered that there where twelve men at this party. because each one of them came to use the human toilet over the evening. I drank many many loads of piss out of the urinal, glad for the chance to rinse my mouth of their shit. I ate hard shit from a lean muscular butt. I endured diarrhoea runny shit from a large man. Some had bits of food in it like corn, and peas. One guy got off on having my tell him how great I loved his shit in my mouth. While juggling a larger chunk of his turd in my mouth.

When the playing seemed done. Everyone got quiet. The whole top to the box was undone. I was unstrapped and lifted up my a few of the men. My stomach was bloated with all of their shit. My face was smeared and stained with their stinking mess. I was led over to a plastic playmat in the centre of the room. Then the man who was my master's buddy announced that he did this to prove to his slaves that they should eat his shit as part of their service to him. They had agreed to begin that service on their new contracts, if he could show that other slaves eat shit in service of their masters.

The two boys looked angry with me. The master unlocked them and unchained them and led them to the mat. "My slaves may now exact their revenge on our toilet, who has brought them into my toilet service."

The two boys came to me and tackled my down. I was too weak to fight them anyway. They pinned me down and one sat on my chest. His knees around my head. He started to piss in the air landing it on my mouth. The other kicked my nuts, and my mouth opened to swallow his slave piss. The other one came around when the first stopped pissing. He sat facing his counterpart and placed his hole on my mouth. His shit slid out and he screamed at me to eat his fuckin shit load. The other chimed in with him is their derision of me. I swallowed the slaves shit dutifully. It tasted of dog kibble a little. Like the kibble I eat. I guess they are on the same diet. The first one finished and got his ass licked clean. Then he wanted to fuck me. He got behind and thrust in. The one on my chest moved off and dumped a load of shit on the play mat. A good size pile of soft, firm boy shit. He had me lick him clean too. Then he flipped me over with his friends dick still up my ass. Then he shoved my face into his pile of shit while the other continued fucking me. He forced me to lick the mat clean of his shit. Then he jerked off on my shit caked face and made me wipe it off and into my face. I was humiliated worse than anything I had ever imagined. But, as I swallowed the slaved cum and shit. I came too.

I just know that master and I will have a different relationship when I am returned.


Original posted with  many others at
Owner: Puddles Portalet
Date : 1999

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