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* Sissification

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This is a story I share with all Human Dogs to bring in the training I undertook when I was first made a dog.  As a dog I was a pet but was owned by "Fiona" my Mam and Mistress for a span of 5 years..

How did it all start and begin ? Yes, this is a nice story to know how was I made a good obedient dog.....

Fiona was a Receptionist at office , and was pally to me right  from day one of my joining office. I too became pally with her and my submissive nature made me get gifts, chocolates and presents for her.

She would dominate me by requesting me..(I know she ordered) but make me have the magazines and newspapers neatly aligned at the reception table once a while..

Finally, one day...she asked me to visit her house ..she owned her own flat but lived with her mom. It was a Saturday afternoon...  when she had invited me for TEA at home.. Promptly I

went to her place when she opened her door and greeted me..

After a chat with her and her MOM, Fiona Mam as I call her, Fiona Mam, wore her top, a blue skirt and her 5 inch heels shoes and announced that She was taking me to her Flat to show me the place. She also said that it would be late evening that we would come back and her Mom should not worry about it...saying this she took her cute bag tossing her hair turned round with her scarf and asked me to follow her..

On her way she expressed and told me that she would be making me behave like a dog today with a collar around my neck and would be made to crawl in the house with a few biscuits to be fetched by me thrown by her and be ready to be leashed to a chair.. She gave a sly smile as she finished and I was dazed.. but continued walking with her.. She asked me "Sissy" is it OK. Is IT OK I asked you something...and this made me say "YES"..."Good Sissy" as she said we were just near the building and.......

We walked down a few buildings and then entered one and moved up by the lift to the the 4th floor the top most into a flat.. a big 2 bedroom flat.. the windows pulled up with curtains the floor tiled but a bit dusty , the bathroom spacious and the tub filled with warm water probably leaking from the open tap of the geyser.

A good nice sofa cozy one at the looks....and here it was the day...when....

 From her bag Fiona Mam, removed a steel chain about 2 to 3 feet long .. it had a small lock with a key and a keychain with the alphabet "F" on it.. She screamed calling me..."Sissy" with an authoritative voice which made me look back at her.

Fiona Mam, shut the door and said...Remove your clothes you Sissy...and this came in twice from her and I was zapped. But knowing that there was no way I wished to disappoint her pulled off my shoes, shirt and my trousers...

"Pull off your Nickie's .. You Sissy" was something I heard as she sat with a thump on the Sofa looking at me and I obediently pulled off my panties..

"Down on your knees and Paws...Like a Dog.. You Sissy" You are now going to be collared and you are MINE to do what I say for the next few hours of your stay here at MY MANSION.  Saying this She took the 3 feet chain - collared it to my neck, had the pendent of the alphabet "F" in my neck and locked off the ends of the chain...The keys into her purse and left me to keep myself on all fours and keep looking at her with mercy... I felt like peeing and that's when she pulled me with her leash to the toilet,, made me lift one leg on my fours and release the pee...This is how you would pee from now understand ...You stupid Sissy....

"Ting Tong" the bell rung, I was on my fours, collared, naked just like a dog with my cock straight and wanting to pee .... It was a planned move by Fiona Mam, the door was opened and came a voice "Hi Neena" ---- I have got our Doggy ...... His name is Sissy... You will be surprised to see him so obidient.....and a big giggling sound was heard when I was stamped on my back with her shoes leaving a mark of ownership and servitude... I knew Neena too. as she worked in another office close to ours as a Receptionist and was Fiona Mam,s friend...

The Training Session.....Making me Serve......I was a slave.....

She sat down and made me wear leather gloves - those for driving. where my hand was covered and tightly bound with black smooth leather gloves with my fingers popping out. My feet were bare and my knees were padded with Knee caps. as worn by a football goal keeper.. to keep me smooth on the floor..

Was then ordered to lick the shoe which was hanging on Fiona's toe and I licked and licked like a dog with my saliva dripping down to make the shoe have a shine.. Neena sat on the site sofa and put her shoe on my back making me bend more down to serve Fiona Mams shoes as they spoke and giggled across....

After this I was kicked on my arse and stomach making me not realize what was happening to me..

I shall continue this in my next chapter..........

Contributor : "BOYFRIEND - Calling you" <harshs123>

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