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Types ^


They often tend to say 'i am totally passive and submissive, with a true dog nature', this nature including a life simplicity, being cared for, being controlled, naturally being loyal and committed.

Their sexual interests would include the from the SM world elements like Prolonged and Effective bondage, Verbal (from talking him into a mind space to verbal abuse).

He needs to be controlled - held on a tight leash.

He is not self ashamed, and is quite happy in his role, he only feels bad when he has no Master, a stray.

The slave often responds well to the Masters touch, licking his Masters hands, eating from then, feeling his strength through them etc. Play around the neck, stroking of the (cropped) head, would get a favourable reaction from the dog. He is often apt to show signs of nuzzling you, pushing his face into you (leather jeans help:) if you place your hand on the back of his neck/head and hold him there, he will be happier.

You will notice that his hands are out the way, or conversely he will be holding on to you leg or your boot ( a security thing for dog slaves, he may also have a form of 'Dog Separation Anxiety')


Attitude ^


The slave sees himself as the personal property of his Master, his pet dog. He is sort of resigned to giving himself over to his Master, trusting his Master with everything. That he will get pleasure from the simple things. That his Master will take great care and dedication is the breadth of his slaves training.

Wants Master to be proud of his slave, and will take almost anything from his Master to get there - in fact needs Master to get his there.

Tends not to be into One-Night-Stands, the doggy loyalty thing.

Tends to have a very open and imaginative mind; receptive and ready to be taken over by Master.


Needs ^

To be trained in long and hard sessions, to get into his role and be kept there for days, the longer the better.


Of his place in life and what he has to learn to be complete there. In his words?

  • Sir, my place is on the floor, kicked off of the furniture if i should forget.
  • To be kept on all fours (heavy irons on wrists and ankles).
  • Being kept ready for Master's instructions and use, without being allowed to speak, eat, drink, piss or shit without Masters permission.
  • That i have to learn to bark and whimper, do tricks, fetch ball, as "the dogslave that i am".
  • To be taken for walks on all fours, eating out from Master's hands, licking Masters hand and fingers.
  • Licking of his Masters boots where and however he wants.
  • Wagging my butt, holding in my butt plug tail, wagging it like a real dog, so that it becomes second nature. So that when i am pleased to see Master, He can see my butt, even if i am muzzled and silent.
  • Sir, i need to be trained to bark my answers, expressing my needs and feelings as a dog - scratching at the door to go shit in the garden.
  • To learn to live my life 100% committed as your dog both in private and in public. With my dog collar proudly around my neck, tagged with my dog name on it and my Owner details on the back.
  • Sir, i understand as your dog, as property that i will relinquish my rights and opinions.
  • Sir, when i am kept outside, for me to be kept on a chain (in whatever you want me to wear), knowing that i am chained to this post, restricted to that length for my exercise

Mind Space^

  • I want to be a real dog, and use in that way, punished when necessary for any disobedience.
  • Kept in confinement both inside and out, in my Kennel/Cage as a dog would. With only my bowl to feed from, or corner to piss in and a bone in my mouth. Soon i discover the safety and security of my Kennel/Cage, this is the place that i sleep, it has my bowl in it that he slides in under the door. My restriction on movement is controlled by the space and by the chain to the ring in the cage.
  • Sir, i need to be kept as a dog slave after i have been allowed to cum, having been kept sexually desperate for so long so that after i have cum to be put back into bondage, in my Irons, cage or kennel, and kept there until required for further use.
  • Sir, I need ongoing training to become my Masters property at all time, to feel deep inside his ownership of me. A chain locked around my neck could be cut off, but once owned it becomes my talisman, a symbol of strength, it further defines what i am. The fact that i am o
  • Sir, i need to be chained, gagged, muzzled, masked. Kept without physically able to move or talk, waiting, with a wet desperate hard-on ,unable to touch it. Sir, i would be consumed with a need and a passion for me Master, to feel his lightest touch through the bars on my cage.
  • So that i would do ANYTHING for his, and for him to know this.
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