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contented Dog with bone behaviour

Here are some examples of Dog Speak as discerned by dog psychologists. Human dogs are not that good at controlling ear position or their tails - however they can augment these features.
Like the butt would be in a given position for the tail to have been in that position.


Barks ^

Gather together, there maybe something we should be looking into...
Rapid strings of three or four barks in a mid-range pitch with pauses in between.
Danger is very close
Continuous Barking which is a  bit slower and lower in pitch.
Hello there - I see you buddy :)
one or two short sharp barks in a high or mid-range pitch spoken quietly.
Stop that and Back off!!!
Single, Short, Loud and Sharp bark in a high pitch.
Lets play :)
Stutter-bark (ar-rufff).

Growls ^

I'm upset and will fight if pushed. Pack mates rally round and protect me for defence.
Growl-Bark, low Pitched (Grrrr-ruff)
Back off-beware!
Soft,low-pitched growl that seems to come from the chest.

Howls ^

I'm Lonely - is anybody out there?
Yip-Howl with prolonged howlllll.
I'm worried and alone. Whys doesn't anybody come to be with me?

Whines ^

I want, I need.....
Whining that rises in pitch at the end.
Come on lets go :)))
Whining that drops in pitch at the end.

Whimpering ^

I'm hurt and really frightened - need Master to make it better.
soft gentle whimpering
follow me, I'm on the the scent trail so stay close

Ear Signals ^

Consider your next move VERY carefully - I'm in a 'pissy mood' and up for a good kicking - if you want some, "bring it on!"
Ears forward, combined with bared teeth and wricked nose - Snarling.
I accept you as Topdog and my leader. I know you wont hurt me because I am no threat to you.
Ears pulled back against  head, teeth not visible, forehead smooth and body held low.
Hi there - we can have some fun together
Ears pulled back against the head, tail held high and relaxed, mouth open

Eye Signals ^

I challenge you - Stop that now. I'm Topdog here so back off !!
Direct eye to eye contact stare.
The underdog breaks eye contact and accept the Topdog as my alpha dog leader.
Ok, lets see if we can avoid a challenge
Blinking Stare

Facial Signals ^

This looks interesting :)~
Mouth closed, dog leaning slightly forward looking in the direction that has captured his interest.
I'm tense right now
Same behaviour as in humans.
I'm your slave, Underdog friend
Licking the neck and face of alpha dog or Master.
I'm hungry - and beg alpha dog or Master to feed me.
Licking the face and side of mouth.
This is where the Alpha dog can puke up food for the underdog or feed him his waste.
If the other dog is feeding then this is a request to share the dog bowl.

Tails Signals ^

I'm topdog around here and Everybody know it!
Tail up and slightly curved over the body - strutting proud walk.
I'm scared - don't hurt me
Tail tucked between legs, butt shaking (not wagging but insecure in position - not sure what to do)
You like me don't you? or Hey buddy I'm here.
'Yip' and a slight tail wag.

Body Language ^

I'm a bit anxious and concerned.
Dog sits with one front paw slightly raised.
This is dog seeking reassurance from puppy brother or Master.
I'm fab and groovy - everything is perfect.
Dogs rolls on its back rubbing its shoulders into the ground.
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