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I had an email today where a pup told me that he went on a 'retreat' for the weekend and discovered he had 80 pup brothers he never knew he had. He was surprised to see that these people actually cared about him. He then wrote I got hugged to death... almost anyway.  I can only call to mind a line from Dune...  "Father, THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKENED!" 

So I thought, see you are not alone, now you are a part of a big 'litter of pups', imagine what it is like sharing the same giant litter basket :)
Imagine that sense of community that you have, the belonging.

We rarely see how others see us.
So often we assume things and because we are different we erect steel shutters to protect us, when we all do that there is not much room to get to know of the love of people, or to see our potential brothers.

Weird thing on TV this morning (http://www.join-me.co.uk/army.html) this guy who decided to perform Random Acts of Kindness on Fridays (or more) where this breaks down the negative illusions people have. The pure fact of positive energy flowing outwards is good for your psyche like drinking water, but its the compound effect that has to be considered.  Imaging what it does to the community, how it might restore faith in human nature (its easy for dogs as they only give unconditional love).

Its worth pointing out that yes pups have a canine soul, the nature of that soul is one of unconditional love and belonging - one of the things their Masters love about them. But what if you don't believe in God or are a Buddhist - then you can think of it as aspects of your deeper mind. Using doggy prayers and meditations you can connect to your deeper mind. The result of this is peace, bliss and tranquillity for your mind. You don't have to seek approval from a god to let you into heaven, from my view point there have been many people that have shown paths to bliss and enlightenment - none of which need paying. They say that god is love - if this loves comes at a price then its not the gift its said to be.

During your doggy prayers and meditation - you need only know that your 'letters' are answered, not get to concerned about the post office or  the other end. I'm not there so cannot say.

I am not too fussed about labels - like the Buddha's and God. What if God always existed, that Buddha's discovered enlightenment, what if this enlightment means they saw the same world that God inhabits. We are mere mortals and  see with our earthly eyes, but like Neo in the Matrix, what if after enlightenment we see ALL of Gods creation?
What words can we possibly have to describe it?
Where do you start?

So for the here and now - you only need to worry about your well being and happiness. You need to build up confidence and self belief in you as a dogboy. You clear all doubt from your mind. You will become a fab slave that any Master would love to own.

So this section deals with the areas that your Master cannot reach, it deals with what you do on your own, in your room or cage - your strength comes from with in.

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