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Death of a Captive

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This is purely fanciful accounts of what is probably the ultimate act for an slave- martyrdom.
Although at some pains to deny this in the basic text, we feel it possible to express the concept here, in a controlled distribution.
The agonies of the victims are doubtless going to exceed the limits of some readers, and we submit the accounts purely for the  more advanced imagination.

ImpalementSlave Impale

The Mongolian hordes had spread across the southern steppes in a thundering cloud of golden men and straining, sweating horses. The armies of the Western Kings had been forced to fall back at every turn, until the great Golden Horde now threatened the very heartland of Poland and Lithuania. As the dust began to settle on the latest field of conflict, the stocky, bandy-legged Mongols moved among the slain and wounded, cutting the throats of those who were too badly wounded to be claimed as slaves, herding the others into groups that were eventually driven into pen*, where they would be included in the division of the other spoils of battle. The only exceptions were the Polish def leers and the German mercenary commanders. These were kept apart, reserved for a special, separate fate. Jan was among this latter group; the son of a wealthy family that traced its lineage to the House of Rurik, he had commanded a troop of hussars and had been felled by a blow on his temple near the end of the battle. Still only semi-conscious, he was lifted by a pair of the Mongolian soldiers and dragged to the pen where his fellow officers were being held. His captors through left him there the long, fear-filled night; but in the Morning.•..   The heavy gates of the stockade were thrown open and half a dozen Mongols burst into the enclosure. Their leaders shouted several commands in their barbarian tongue, then pointed at Jan, who lay huddled in his cloak upon the ground. The soldiers grabbed his arms and legs, bore him quickly out the gate, slamming it shut behind them. Jan was then force-walked between a pair of the fur-clad Mongols, taken to a hillock over-looking the mountains which formed the only barrier to the young man's homeland. Without a word to their captive, the enemy soldiers began to strip the clothing from his body. The cold, crisp morning air grazed his naked skin, sent waves of chilling fear through his being. He might have fought them, but he knew how futile a gesture that would be. He could hear the sound of hammering behind him, and fresh terror gripped his flesh. But he dared not turn his head to look. His entire body seemed to sag; his legs grew weak until his knees threatened to buckle under him. He was naked now, stooped forward as if to guard his privates from the sneering glances of his captors. Behind him, a post had been set firmly into the ground,  it» spire point being further hewed by one of the Mongols. They were laughing, then, and more of their numbers began to gather at the base of the hill. Jan's helpless condition, his nakedness in the face of his enemies formed a warm pit of terror deep within his guts. Abruptly, his hands were drawn together behind his back and lashed in place with strips of hide. He felt himself being lifted, carried backward in the strong grip of four or five Mongol tribesmen. His legs were lifted, and calloused fingers probed his asshole, plunged inside way to know. His weight was being supported and roughly ripped the guardian flesh back by a little more than just his toes ... not from the central target, quite the entire foot, but the pole was Jan screamed, tried finally to buck definitely more deeply embedded. Ignoring away and free himself from the steely grip. the shouted depredations- which he couldn't There was no escape. The men only sneered understand, anyway - Jan reached again for and chortled, held him more tightly as they the pole, hoping vainly that he might now centred his anus upon the wooden spike. He have gained the necessary distance to free felt the tip of the heavily greased pole himself. The sense of penetration and the slip into him, drive deeper until he was recall of his lover's driving loins were pinioned by the penetrating bulk. His feet warming him. The pressure on his vitals were lowered to the ground, so he could increased the lust which had sprung unbid- touch it with his toes. His weight came den to tower above his groin. down upon them, as the pole slipped another He was still unable to lift himself fraction into him. He felt a knife blade after several moments of trying. He stood against his bonds, freeing him. erect, allowing his body to adjust again as For a moment, Jan enjoyed a sense of the stake seemed to find a warmer spot and relief. But it was a deceptive and trans-he realized he was standing more comfortitory impression. The sharpened stake had ably ...both feet flat upon the ground. He been deftly planted, set so the tip washad a passing sense of relief, an unrea- poised to penetrate his guts. He flayed soned idea that he was somehow going to his arms when he seemed to momentarily lose survive. He thought of his friend and the his balance. The pain he had originally similarity of the physical responses.. .knew felt was ebbing into a lesser, duller ache flash of pride as his gaze flicked across that allowed his other senses to awaken, the risen bulk the soared above his crotch. He was aware again of his nakedness, of Then he saw his hands, noted the deep red the upturned, grinning faces staring at smears across the palms and a fresh wave of him from down the slope. Cold air moved desperation flooded through him. across his body and he shivered, while the All reason fled his mind. Like an first suggestion of warmth struck his face animal in a trap he bent and seized the and chest. The sun was rising, now, in the stake, twirled himself in frenzied horror. east...the last time he'd feel its heat. ItHe tried to leap, but the bending of his suddenly came to him that he was going to legs sent fingers of lighbening pain to die... really going to die! Not of an ill-course his guts. He screamed and cried ness or the wounds of battle, but here in aloud as manly strength and pride seemed to " a barbarian camp, naked and impaled for the quit his brain, and the knowledge of death entertainment of the Mongol troops, became his only certainty. He felt his legs grow tight and start to tremble. He tried to shift his 1 weight, but the stake poked deeper into him


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